New! Alcohol's Strain on Your Brain 7 min.

The saying "play stupid games, win stupid prizes" applies well to alcohol. While alcohol may be consumed safely, responsibly, and enjoyably, its natural effects can quickly lead to impaired judgment, poor decisions, and unforeseen consequences ranging from the embarrassing to the deadly. The body can process alcohol in moderation, but when one overindulges, alcohol slows down the brain and nervous...

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New! Study Drugs: Brain Boost or Epic Fail? 6 min.

Tests and papers. Routine homework. Reading assignments. Athletics. Clubs. Social life. Keeping up with all of these aspects of typical teen life in the 21st century can be hard. Life moves fast, and the temptation to find short cuts is strong. Some teens have turned to using so-called study drugs to give them the boost they think they need to keep up. Study drugs, such as Adderall or Ritalin, typ...

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New! Weeding through the Facts on Weed 8 min.

Information about marijuana seems to change almost daily. A controlled and illegal substance under federal law, marijuana has been legalized in several states and others are considering legalization, sending conflicting messages about its legality. Studies show some health benefits from marijuana when used under the supervision of a doctor—but what about the health effects of recreational use? Wee...

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New! Addiction 53 min.

As the deadliest drug epidemic in American history rages, follow the cutting-edge work of doctors and scientists as they explore how addiction affects the brain and how we should address our opioid crisis.

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New! Grow 55 min.

This is the story of incredible growth; from a single cell to an extraordinary walking, talking, being made up of 37 trillion cells. It looks towards the future, where we might push the boundaries of what a human lifetime can be.

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New! Learn 55 min.

Explore the surprising ways your brain and body adapt to your environment throughout your life. See how your experiences can not only change your brain, but also your body, and even your genetic blueprint.

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New! Survive 55 min.

Discover the everyday miracles within your body that keep you alive, and the extraordinary lengths your body goes through to keep it working every second of every day: fighting infection, repairing damage and keeping you safe from danger.

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New! Ugly Me: My Life with Body Dysmorphia 58 min.

It’s estimated that 1 in 50 people in the population have Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a condition that causes you to believe you are horrifically ugly. The film follows 29-year-old Liane and her boyfriend Mitch over a year as Liane starts therapy to try and conquer this crippling condition. Each week Liane meets Professor David Veale, one of the world’s leading experts on BDD, who attempts to undo s...

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Beyond Bionics: How The Future Of Prosthetics Is Redefining Humanity 16 min.

Bionic technology is removing physical barriers faced by disabled people while raising profound questions of what it is to be human. From DIY prosthetics realized through 3D printing technology to customised AI-driven limbs, science is at the forefront of many life-enhancing innovations.

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Deaf, Blind And Mighty: How Helen Keller Learned To Speak 2 min.

To mark 50 years since Helen Keller's death, we take a look back at her remarkable story. At only 19 months old, illness left Keller blind and deaf. Yet she went on to become a powerful advocate for disability rights, women's suffrage and racial equality in the US. Her legacy is one of resilience and unshakable courage while her charity, Helen Keller international, founded in 1915, remains active...

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