Out of Africa—Catalyst 30 min.

What can modern medicine learn from the people with the most diverse DNA on the planet? Only by working with the San desert communities in southern Africa can geneticists trace the deepest roots of the human family tree. In a world first, Professor Vanessa Hayes is searching for the origins of modern society— the DNA evidence of when hunter-gatherers became farmers. Mark Horstman joins her on a un...

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First Peoples 300 min.

See how the mixing of prehistoric human genes led the way for our species to survive and thrive around the globe. Archaeology, genetics and anthropology cast new light on 200,000 years of history, detailing how early humans became dominant.

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First Peoples: Africa 55 min.

Around 200,000 years ago, a new species, Homo sapiens, appeared on the African landscape. While scientists have imagined eastern Africa as a real-life Garden of Eden, the latest research suggests humans evolved in many places across the continent at the same time. DNA from a 19th-century African-American slave is forcing geneticists to re-think the origins of our species. The theory is that our an...

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First Peoples: Americas 55 min.

As early humans spread out across the world, their toughest challenge was colonizing the Americas — because a huge ice sheet blocked the route. It has long been thought that the pioneers, known as Clovis people, arrived about 13,000 years ago, but an underwater discovery in Mexico suggests people arrived earlier than previously thought — and by boat, not on foot. How closely related were these Fir...

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First Peoples: Asia 55 min.

What happened when early humans ventured out of Africa and into Asia? Where did they go and whom did they meet along the way? The latest evidence suggests they left far earlier than previously thought and interbred with other types of ancient human - Homo erectus, Neanderthals and also the Denisovans, whose existence was established only five years ago when geneticists extracted DNA from a tiny fr...

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First Peoples: Australia 55 min.

When Homo sapiens arrived in Australia, they were, for the first time, truly alone, surrounded by wildly different flora and fauna. How did they survive and populate a continent? There is a close cultural and genetic link between the First Australians and modern-day Aborigines. The ancient and modern story intersect here as nowhere else in the world. The secret to this continuity is diversity. Int...

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First Peoples: Europe 55 min.

When Homo sapiens turned up in prehistoric Europe, they ran into the Neanderthals. The two types of human were similar enough to interbreed — and both created artifacts of similar complexity. But as more and more Homo sapiens moved into Europe, the balance of power shifted. Neanderthals were overwhelmed. Ever since, we’ve had Europe and the rest of the world to ourselves.

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The Hadza: Last of the First 71 min.

One of the last true hunter-gatherer tribes, the East African Hadza try to maintain their sustainable lifestyle. They have lived on their land near the Rift Valley in Tanzania for over 50,000 years. Like other indigenous peoples around the globe, the Hadza now face grave challenges to their way of life. The Hadza: The Last of the First is a call to action to guarantee a land corridor for their sur...

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The Living Fire 77 min.

With the thick snow melting in the breathtaking Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine, spring is approaching and three men must prepare for an arduous journey up into the mountains. The Living Fire is a moving and captivating tale of three shepherds, each at a different stage in his life. Bound by tradition, they reflect on the meaning of their own existence as the contemporary world encroaches on their...

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Omo Child: The River and the Bush 90 min.

In Ethiopia's Omo Valley, children are being killed horrifically under an ancient tradition known as 'mingi'. Teeth growing in a certain order can bring a child a death sentence. One young tribesman strives for change through education and adopting the cursed children. But challenging tribal superstition isn't easy and as he battles to save lives, things are not all that they seem. This clever fil...

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