Criminal Justice & Law

New! Putin's Attack on Ukraine: Documenting War Crimes 84 min.

Documenting evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine and the pursuit of justice. With the Associated Press, tracing Vladimir Putin’s pattern of atrocities in Ukraine and other conflicts, and the challenge of holding him to account.

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New! Taken Hostage 240 min.

Unfolding like a political thriller, Taken Hostage revisits the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, when 52 Americans were held hostage in Tehran. For the next 444 days, the world watched as the U.S. endured humiliation, vitriol and hatred from a country that had long been a close ally. The crisis would transform both the U.S. and Iran and forever upend the focus and direction of American foreign policy.

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New! Taken Hostage: Episode 1 113 min.

Explore how America’s quarter-century of unwavering support for its ally, the Shah of Iran, and the violent Islamic revolution that overthrew him in 1979, set the stage for the Iran hostage crisis.

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New! Taken Hostage: Episode 2 112 min.

Through riveting accounts from hostages, journalists and officials, learn how Iranian students held 52 hostages at the American embassy in Tehran from November 1979 to January 1981—a defining crisis of Jimmy Carter’s presidency.

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Beware Jack-In-The-Box 24 min.

This program provides officer safety information. Michigan officers encountered a situation that has helped prepare law enforcement for dealing with the unexpected, and it was caught entirely on cruiser cam. After pulling over a potential armed robbery suspect, officers encountered a suspect hidden in the trunk of the vehicle. Find out how they responded and what lessons the department learned.

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De-escalation with African American Subjects 33 min.

In this program, we talk with Byron “Sarge” Watson. He had a long and successful career with St. Louis County P.D. (35 years) as a Field Training Officer, D.A.R.E Officer, and Chaplain. Watson provides insight in dealing with subjects in African-American communities. Learn from his first-hand experiences and the knowledge he gained working the streets, including de-escalation tactics that served h...

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Hank Earl Carr and the Violent Day that Changed Law Enforcement 53 min.

This program is focused on the day that an avowed cop-hater murdered a child and three law enforcement officers , including one state trooper, in Tampa, Florida. Students will learn how the killer’s ability to lie and con the officers helped contribute to their violent deaths. His girlfriend, being interrogated separately, also played detectives with her stream of consciousness ability to lie....

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Pre De-Escalation/Meet the Pied Piper of Community Policing 35 min.

In this program, you will meet Cpl. Brandon Fleming of the South Hill (VA) Police Department. Fleming, also known as ‘Batman’ to the children in his community, has become extremely popular over the past few years. He has carved out a special relationship with the youngsters and has helped them to understand that law enforcement officers are there to help them, not to cause them harm. Viewers learn...

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Updated/New What Dogs Try to Tell Cops 27 min.

Any law enforcement agency that has been involved in shooting a dog, especially should the animal die, knows that the public and media can get very angry in the aftermath. This updated program is designed to give all patrol officers vital information which may, one day or night, conceivably help them avoid such an incident. Of course, no matter the outcome, officer safety is and always will be fir...

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Is It Time to End Qualified Immunity for Cops?: A Debate 51 min.

How does one balance two important but sometimes competing public interests, specifically the need to hold police officers and other public officials accountable for their actions versus the need to shield them from harassment and legal liability? In 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court laid the foundations of an answer in a case involving civil rights protesters who sued two police officers for arresting...

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