Art & Architecture

Pakistan Architecture 6 min.

Pakistan is struggling to recover from last year’s cataclysmic flooding that killed more than 1,700. It was the latest in a string of weather-related disasters the country has faced over the past two decades, prompting calls to make hard-hit communities more resilient as they rebuild. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from the flood-ravaged Sindh province, in partnership with the Pulitzer Center.

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Craft in America (Season 14) 120 min.

CRAFT IN AMERICA explores America’s creative spirit through the language and traditions of the handmade, taking viewers on a journey to the artists, origins and techniques of American craft. Each episode contains stories from diverse regions and cultures, blending history with living practice and exploring issues of identity, ritual, philosophy and creative expression.

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Episode 1: Inspiration (Craft in America, Season 14) 55 min.

Visit the communities and distinguished artists of varied disciplines that are impacting new generations of makers through their work. See the impact that Simon Rodia and his iconic Watts Towers, Alison Saar and three generations of artists in her family, ceramic artist Ayumi Horie, textile artist Diederick Brackens and many others are having today, and how they will inspire the next generation.

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Episode 2: Home (Craft in America, Season 14) 56 min.

The idea of home has taken on heightened importance in recent years. Craft in America embraces its many meanings--from the physical structure, to the belongings we cherish, to the meals we share with family and friends. This exploration of handmade environments features the Ojibwe tribe, the North House Folk School, artists Wharton Esherick and Helen Drutt English, Outlaw Builders and more.

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Rebuilding Notre Dame 54 min.

In April 2019, the world watched as a devastating fire almost destroyed Paris’s iconic Notre Dame Cathedral. Go behind the scenes with a team of engineers, masons and timber workers tackling the daunting challenges of restoring the historic landmark.

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Should We Separate the Art from the Artist?: A Debate 52 min.

Suppose you learn that one of your favorite artists, musicians, or authors has done something horrible, such as committed murder, advocated genocide, or engaged in some other reprehensible act. How do you respond? Do you reject the art they have created, or accept it as an entity in itself? Some argue that we should appreciate and revere great works of art as the masterpieces they are regardless o...

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High-Risk High-Rise 54 min.

Every year, hundreds of new skyscrapers are built around the globe. As nations vie for prestige, these shimmering towers are rising higher and higher. But for all their impressive engineering, are these buildings safe? Can we be sure how they will hold up in earthquakes, fires, and other potential disasters? What have—or haven’t—we learned from past tragedies?

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Munch: Suspecting the Truth 54 min.

The life and times of the Norwegian painter Munch and his importance in the development of art. Edvard Munch was born in 1863, not long after Darwin's celebrated work On the Origin of the Species. If ever there was a painter reflecting a massive change in how human beings view the world about them, it was surely Munch. In spite of virulent opposition from his peers, he marched fearlessly into the...

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A Choice of Weapons: Inspired by Gordon Parks 89 min.

For decades, trailblazing photographer Gordon Parks brought the human struggle of the Black community out of the shadows and onto the pages of LIFE magazine. This documentary explores Parks' enduring legacy through the lens of three contemporary photographers, and spotlights his visionary work and its impact on the next generation of artists.

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American Masters: How It Feels to Be Free 114 min.

How It Feels to Be Free takes an unprecedented look at the intersection of African American women artists, politics and entertainment and tells the story of how six trailblazing performers—Lena Horne, Abbey Lincoln, Diahann Carroll, Nina Simone, Cicely Tyson and Pam Grier— changed American culture through their films, fashion, music and politics.

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