New! Global Estrangement 53 min.

About 100 years after man stepped on the moon, it’s likely that we are in a position to colonize Mars. We are heading towards the creation of a planetary civilization in what will be the greatest transition in the history of humankind. A brave new world lies before us. And a high-speed race to reverse the poisoning of the planet. We used fossil fuels to take the big leap of the Industrial Revoluti...

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New! Mutation 68 min.

We are at the starting line of an exponential technological change. In the coming decades we will experience the dematerialization of technology. Computers will abandon desks to be installed in eyes, in walls and in everything that surrounds us. Chips will be integrated in virtually everything around us, transmitting vital information. The quality of life and the average life expectancy will incre...

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New! New Nomads 57 min.

In 2077, we will be three billion more people. On the one hand, we have technological possibilities like never before at our disposal. On the other hand, we have the pressure of demographic growth and the threats of resource scarcity, pollution, and climate change. How can we meet energy and food needs in a sustainable way, without jeopardizing our permanence on this planet? Ten thousand years aft...

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New! An Unquenchable Thirst 56 min.

In the future, will the human being be at the top of technology, using it to solve the great problems of humankind? Will technology bring more freedom to be able to devote to exercising the highest values of the human being? What is this desire to annihilate our neighbor that seems to not have evolved ever since the origin of modern man more than 100 thousand years ago, despite the average values...

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New! 10 Modern Marvels that Changed America 56 min.

A whirlwind tour of 10 engineering feats that made our civilization possible: from the Erie Canal and Eads Bridge, to the Holland Tunnel and Hoover Dam. Find out which 10 modern marvels made the list!

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Asteroids—Space Colonies 53 min.

Recent discoveries of water at the moon’s poles and on Mars have encouraged public institutions, such as NASA and the European Space Agency, as well as private companies, like SpaceX, to lead projects that will let us settle in these harsh, distant environments in the near future. This episode explores the challenges of setting up an orbital space colony or a settlement on an asteroid, such as the...

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Mars—Space Colonies 54 min.

The Red Planet, with the most similar environment to earth in our entire solar system, is a third alternative being explored for colonization. The discovery of ice on its surface has excited and encouraged many space scientists, despite the many challenges. The distance of Mars from the earth makes a space flight dangerous and possibly lethal for astronauts, while the lack of atmosphere would make...

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The Moon—Space Colonies 53 min.

The moon’s proximity to earth, as well as the discovery of water there, have placed this natural satellite front and center as a viable location for our first interstellar colony. In fact, the director of the European Space Agency has already outlined their plans for a “moon village”, intended not only for scientific and technological research, but also for activities based on exploiting resources...

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Humans Gods & Technology 45 min.

What will our world look like in 25 years’ time? No one knows for sure. By that time our work may have been entirely taken over by autonomic robots. Our world controlled by a single global brain as we are left to be slaves to the technology we were responsible for creating. But there is a chance that things will not develop that quickly and instead, we will make the robots our slaves. Will we beco...

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Becoming Superhuman 23 min.

In the UK, an acclaimed scientist has invented a device that will make people smarter. In the United States, a bartender’s invention could make an average human run faster than Usain Bolt.

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