Fashion Studies

Yves Saint Laurent's Sketches 54 min.

The Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation is a treasure trove of iconic haute couture creations. It also includes thousands of extraordinary sketches. Delve into the fascinating universe of one of the foremost fashion designers in the world. Instantaneous testimony of both the history of fashion and the career of an outstanding creator, these drawings are the little-known legacy of Yves Saint...

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Linen, the Green Fiber of the Future 53 min.

This program takes a look a linen, a material of 1000 years. It examines its promises and its increasing use in diversified and unexpected fields such as aeronautics, automobile, sport, music, and even design.

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Zara: The Story of the World's Richest Man 53 min.

This documentary examines one of the biggest and most successful retail stories of our time. It looks at the secrets of success for the global retail chain, Zara, and explains how the brand was able to make fashion so affordable. It also exposes several issues that have arisen out of the fashion giant's meteoric rise to prominence, including issues around copying designs and the where the law stan...

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Shoes 60 min.

Gregg Wallace joins a human production line in the largest sports shoe factory in the UK to see how they produce three-and-a-half thousand pairs of trainers every 24 hours by sewing 32 million individual stiches and using 140 miles of thread. Meanwhile, Cherry Healey gets hands on in a tannery to help them process thousands of rawhides into finished leather for the nation's shoes, and finds out ho...

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Unveiled 25 min.

In this issue of Videofashion Specials, unveil luxurious romanticism with the sweetest bridal looks of the season! Christian Siriano debuts a truly romantic bride for Kleinfeld, utilizing featherwork and a modern color palette for Spring/Summer 2017! Anne Barge debuts a light and airy collection, keeping it fresh and romantic with divine touches of silver and pearls. Inspired by the beauty of Pari...

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Tory Burch/Diane von Furstenberg 12 min.

Two women who have engraved their names in the world of fashion; both launched their careers by creating iconic, must-have items. Tory Burch made her signature ballet flats a chic and essential accessory for fashion forward women. And one of the most well-known women in clothing design, Diane von Furstenberg took her brand to the top with the wrap dress. Burch and von Furstenberg tell us how they'...

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Karl Lagerfeld: An Intimate Portrait 52 min.

With his iconic ponytail and sunglasses, Karl Lagerfeld was one of the most recognizable men of our time. His self-stylization, in which secrecy played an important part, put him beside icons such as Andy Warhol and Jean Cocteau. His carefully crafted image was a marketing tool, but also self-expression. As he said, “There is a glass wall between myself and the rest of the world.” This intimate po...

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Fashion Design Careers: Do You Have What It Takes? 23 min.

It’s one thing to launch a career on a reality TV show and quite another to become a successful designer through talent and tenacity alone. This video follows eight up-and-coming fashion designers as they discuss the skills and characteristics needed to make it in the fashion industry. Candid interviews with young designers tackle questions about careers in fashion, including: What personality tra...

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Textiles and Design 24 min.

Exploring the first powered looms through to graphic design and fiber optics, this video takes viewers on a journey through the innovations across the design and textile industry. It looks at how the industry has pushed its way into the 21st century by keeping up with trends and consumer demand. It discusses changes in fashion, interiors, and textiles and technological developments within the real...

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What Are Science and Technology Doing to Assist Our Fashion and Textile Industries? Ever Wondered? (Series 1) 23 min.

Carpet designed specifically to assist the elderly, garments created to repel both fire and knives, highly desirable golden fleece that’s impervious to decay, environmentally sound fiberglass made using local natural fibers… These are just a few of the items host John Watt gamely examines during this episode—and in doing so manages to get himself fleeced, burned, and stabbed. A part of Ever Wonder...

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