Counseling & Social Work

Parenting Is Overrated 83 min.

What shapes us more: our DNA, or the way we are raised? This debate, commonly referred to as "nature versus nurture," has stirred controversy for thousands of years. Emerging genetic research indicates that the scale may be tipping toward biology, or "nature"—but the research is far from definitive. Proponents of the "nature" view argue that DNA plays the key role in determining who we are, as evi...

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Voices Beyond the Wall 90 min.

Rescued from the streets of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, murder capital of the world, orphaned girls find their voices in poetry as they heal traumas of their past and prepare to transition into an uncertain future.

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Looking Ahead and Moving Forward 18 min.

Expanding on the conversation he began in the first episode, Reverend Crebbin talks with another Newtown colleague, Reverend Kathie Adams-Shepherd, formerly of Newtown Episcopal Church, about her healing journey since the Sandy Hook School shooting. Reverend Adams-Shepherd discusses maintaining faith in the face of tragedy, and talks about how her experience in Newtown prepared her to serve her ne...

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Victims of Child Abuse 87 min.

This poignant documentary sheds light on children who have been victims of abuse, mistreatment, and neglect. Following police, social workers, and judges, the program reveals the work that goes into protecting these children, and ensuring they have a better future.

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The Secret Helpers: Alex and Jonny 52 min.

31-year-old Alex has an interview for her dream job working in a children's activity centre but suffers from anxiety and nerves.

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Applying Mindfulness in Therapy With Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman 112 min.

Supported by neuroscience research, mindfulness practice has demonstrated its ability to ease stress, control anxiety and depression, and improve cognition, focus, and memory. As its reach and influence has increased, mindfulness has raised fundamental questions about its role in therapy. How do these modalities fit together? What might mindfulness add to psychological treatment? What might it tel...

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Bringing a Polyvagal Perspective into Therapy: How to Safely Navigate Emotional Storms 122 min.

When life—and therapy—brings scary moments, it’s the body’s autonomic nervous system that takes action. Polyvagal Theory has revolutionized our understanding of both how this system works and how to create safety and connection. In this video workshop with social worker Deb Dana, viewers learn how to harness the healing potential of the autonomic nervous system to help clients navigate the storms...

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Creating Safety With High-Conflict Couples: A Nonverbal Approach 120 min.

In this program, Janina Fisher provides simple interventions drawn from sensorimotor psychotherapy that teach couples how to create safety and real intimacy in their relationships. Fisher explains what creates a "volatile" couple and explains how to reduce volatility by helping couples communicate without words.

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Enhancing Assessment in Couples Therapy: New Approaches to Improving Outcomes 120 min.

This video workshop with John Gottman and Julie Gottman examines the crucial nature of assessment and introduce a groundbreaking technology solution that will improve outcomes. It teaches how to conduct a thorough assessment of a couple’s relationship using the Gottman Relationship Checkup, give effective feedback about a clients’ relationship’s strengths and best address their areas of concern, a...

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The Gottman Method Approach to Better Couples Therapy 120 min.

In recent years, research has identified key, measurable elements of happy and stable long-term relationships. They include trust, attunement, listening compassionately and nondefensively within conflict, a relational safe haven, and emotional commitment. In this video workshop with John Gottman and Julie Gottman, viewers learn tools for approaching couples therapy more effectively. The program te...

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