Hospitality & Tourism

Too Much Tourism: The Lake District 50 min.

Looking at tourism in England's The Lake District, this program examines how to balance the needs of tourism with preserving the natural environment that the tourists are coming to see.

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Egypt: Tourism in Turmoil 30 min.

This program examines how tourism has been vital to the Egyptian economy for decades. It considers how the revolution of 2011 and the political and social upheavals that followed have adversely affected tourism.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2014, the Getaway Gurus 6 min.

One family puts the hotel booking and review website to the test for vacation planning.

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Impact of Tourism: Kenya 29 min.

This program looks at tourism in Kenya, which is the country's third largest source of income. It examines what most tourists don't see, such as the real villages as opposed to the ones built for tourists to see and the safaris and game parks that provide a more natural experience.

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Inside a Hotel 37 min.

This program goes inside one of the hotels in the MacDonald chain of luxury hotels to show how it serves business and leisure customers across the UK. It highlights the importance of recruiting and training quality staff.

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World Tourism Case Studies 62 min.

This program presents five case studies of how tourism impacts the economy, culture, and environment. Examples given are from China, the U.S., Nepal, Dubai, and Africa.

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The Struggle for Sustainable Tourism 26 min.

Presenting a case study of tourism in Santa Lucia, a community on the slopes of the Andes mountains, this program examines the business of ecotourism and discusses if ecotourism is a model for sustainable tourism.

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Impact of Tourism: Thailand 26 min.

This program looks at two sides of tourism in Thailand - the ecotourism that is so popular and its effects on the people, flora, and fauna of Thailand. It also discusses issues relating to sex tourism in Thailand.

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Impact of Tourism: Amazon 29 min.

Brazil now actively promotes the Amazon to tourists to bring money and jobs to locals. This program examines how tourism affects this environmentally vital area.

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Impact of Tourism: Gambia 32 min.

Despite swelling numbers of visitors to Gambia, little money ends up with local people. This program explores the impact of tourism on the country and its people.

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