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Extreme Love—Autism: Introduction (01:49)


Approximately 1 in 100 children have autism. Theroux will visit pupils from one of the top schools for autistic children in New Jersey.

Vieira Family (02:36)

Paula Vieira has 7-year-old autistic twins. Marcello becomes distressed when they do not go to the grocery store. Lucy ignores Theroux's questions.

Developmental Learning Center (03:15)

Marcello and Lucy Vieira attend a state school for autistic children ages 3-21. Some students, like Nicky Ingrassia, progress enough to attend mainstream schools. An expert discusses educational challenges for children with autism.

Morales-Ward Family (02:33)

Some students at the DLC, like Joey Morales-Ward, have aggressive tantrums. Theroux talks with his mother Carol about his day at school.

Aggressive Tantrum (03:21)

Joey exhibits aggressive behavior shortly after his sister arrives home from school; his mother and father have to restrain him. Theroux talks with Joey's father about his feelings for his son.

Ingrassia Family (04:54)

Nicky has a twin sister who is not autistic. Theroux speaks with their mother about his progress at DLC; Nicky becomes agitated when talking about his classmates. He shows Theroux his dictionaries and a novel.

DLC-Warren (02:55)

The school uses a strict regimen of work and break to "incentivize learning." Theroux watches Joey work with his behavior specialist; Joey has an aggressive tantrum.

Peer Perspective (03:10)

Teacher Matt Fernandez introduces Theroux to some of Nicky's peers. Theroux visits Nicky's art class and asks his classmates how they feel about Nicky going to a new school.

Vieira Family Perspective (03:13)

Marcello becomes agitated at the barber shop. Later, Theroux asks Marcello's parents about the challenges of raising autistic children.

Nicky's Transfer Postponed (02:55)

Nicky reveals what he learned about Theroux on the Internet. Nicky meets with a behavior specialist to discuss his threat of stabbing another student.

Engelhardt Family (03:08)

Josephine Engelhardt's son Brian burned down the family home when he was eight and repeatedly assaulted his mother. Josephine and Theroux pick Brian up from a group home.

Autistic Challenges (04:07)

Theroux is in charge of Brian while Josephine leaves to get more food; he attempts to entertain him with dominoes. Josephine explains why she decided to place Brian in a group home.

Family Pressures (02:27)

Brian takes medication that Josephine believes helps with impulsive behavior. Josephine and Theroux return Brian to the group home.

Developmental Progress (04:34)

Nicky prepares for his first day at a new school; he is anxious. His mother discusses Nicky's verbal progress. Theroux takes Nicky to school.

"Real World" Skills (04:51)

Theroux reflects on autism development while watching students get their picture taken. Teachers help older students learn life skills.

Defining a Family (02:12)

Paula Vieira reflects on the impact of autism on the family. Marcello sings, dances, and plays with alphabet cards.

Raising an Autistic Child (03:16)

Theroux attends church with the Morales-Ward family. Back at home, Joey convinces Theroux to draw a picture and navigates the Internet.

Behavioral Management (02:47)

Joey's mother is trying a new technique for handling his aggressive behavior. Theroux reflects on what he learned while spending time with families of autistic children.

Credits: Louis Theroux: Extreme Love—Autism (00:31)

Credits: Louis Theroux: Extreme Love—Autism

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Louis Theroux: Extreme Love—Autism

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In America, nearly one in a hundred children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, a staggering increase from only 20 years ago, and babies and toddlers are now routinely tested for evidence of this brain disorder that is mainly characterized by an inability to socialize and communicate. Louis travels to DLC Warren in New Jersey, one of the most innovative schools of its kind in the U.S., to find out how specialized intervention can help. He explores the impact of having an autistic child on families and sees how they cope with some of the more challenging aspects of the disorder while trying to maintain a normal family life. He meets children at different transitional points in their lives from the early years to early adulthood and witnesses first hand some of the strange and sometimes wonderful ways in which they perceive the world about them. A BBC Production.

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