Segments in this Video

Be Positive (08:32)


Michelle Neujahr provides guidelines and examples to reduce negative language habits and increase positive communication through affirmations, a positive focus and family meetings.

Define Your Family (07:00)

The Neujahr's say each family's mission is unique and should be considered carefully. What do you value? What are your boundaries? Boundaries change with stage of life. Hear family members what it means to "be a Neujahr ."

Establish Rules (08:35)

Michelle and David Neujahr offer practical advice: rules need to reflect shared values and balance; understand what is most important to you as you create rules; involve family members; be consistent.

Spend Time Together (08:20)

Michelle and David Neujahr share their methods and practical suggestions for connecting as a family and as a couple. Play games; create and honor your own traditions. Involve family members in choosing activities.

Support One Another (09:17)

Michelle Neujahr offers practical advice for supporting oneself and family members. Connect with friends; set goals; ask for help. The Neujahr's provide examples from their own family.

Vision (10:29)

Michelle and David Neujahr offer advice and encouragement for building a strong family according to the principals in this video. Michelle & David share details of their personal histories in support of those just beginning this journey.

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Building Strong Families

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Encourage and engage parents and children to create lasting bonds to build stronger families. Join parenting experts Michelle and David Neujahr and their grown children as they share their tools and ideas for helping to build steadfast family ties that last a lifetime. The Neujahrs share their experiences and explain that taking time to think about who you are as a family, what you believe, and what’s most important will help your family grow and stay strong for the long haul. Short video segments end with a suggested activity. Segments include:

  • Define Your Family
  • Be Positive
  • Establish Rules
  • Spend Time Together
  • Support One Another
  • Vision


Length: 53 minutes

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