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Fostering a Healthy Work Environment (05:09)


Ineffective communication within the healthcare team can put the patient at risk. Two-way communication ensures that a message is being delivered and understood. Take a look at an example of a communication breakdown leading to a patient injury.

Common Communication Barriers (04:32)

A study has shown that patients with language barriers are more likely to suffer from medical errors than English-speaking patients. Medical professionals may not notice typical noise distractions of a hospital, but this can be very distressing for a patient. Time pressures and stress may also lead to miscommunication.

Nurse-Physician Communication (05:25)

Poor team communication directly impacts patient satisfaction. It is important to communicate clearly and efficiently with physicians. If a mistake is made, it is the nurse's role to be an advocate.

Nurse-Patient Communication (07:50)

Communication helps to build trust with the patient. Nurses can create barriers by being stressed, biased, detached, or non-empathetic. Look at a good and bad example of communication with a scared patient.

Nonverbal Communication (06:36)

Body language, attitude, and tone impact the way a patient perceives communication. Knowing how to read facial expressions is important. Look at what is communicated with various hand gestures and postures.

Electronic Communication (04:52)

Passwords are important for preserving confidentiality. Emails should always be professional and should not be used to share patient information. Avoid social media posts about patients.

Nursing Communication Skills Summary (06:01)

Good communication happens when the receiver understands a message. Effective communication can improve safety and enhance employee moral. Duane Napier believes that the most common barrier is due to nurses not listening.

Credits: Nursing Communication Skills (00:59)

Credits: Nursing Communication Skills

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Good communication is important in any occupation, but in health care, where miscommunication can lead to dire or deadly results, good communication is absolutely crucial. This video will cover the fundamentals of good communication as applied to the nursing profession, and how to ensure that information is uniformly shared across all members of the staff and the patient. Dedicated segments focus on common barriers to communication, nonverbal communication, electronic communication, as well as special attention to both nurse-physician interactions and nurse-patient interactions. The importance of HIPAA confidentiality rules are reinforced throughout. A coproduction of Meridian and MotionMasters.

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