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Core Nursing Values (05:16)


Nurses are required to exhibit professional values of responsibility, honesty, integrity, human dignity, patient equality, and the desire to alleviate suffering. Experts discuss the importance of providing safe, non-biased care, caring, communicating well, and working on a multidisciplinary team.

Non-Biased Care (05:21)

Professional nurses should be sensitive to all patients, regardless of race, culture, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Understanding differences starts with self-awareness and diversity awareness; hear how dietary mistakes or cultural biases can affect patient healing.

Integrity and Honesty (05:47)

Integrity is one of the most important professional nursing traits. It means being truthful, honest, reliable, admitting mistakes, and taking responsibility. Hear the consequences of dishonesty and view scenarios of using integrity at work. Learn ways to ensure patient confidentiality.

Attitude and Appearance (04:13)

Professional nurses should maintain a positive attitude for patient welfare. Ways to maintain focus when a coworker is being negative include setting boundaries, countering negativity, and walking away if necessary. Appearance affects patient quality of care impressions.

Teamwork (06:56)

Interdisciplinary healthcare teams include a nurse, doctor, and other specialists. Nurses should communicate patient changes to doctors. Interruptions, conflicting personalities, perceived hierarchies, shift changes, transfers, or discharges are potential communication barriers. Flexibility and problem solving are also important skills.

Responsibility and Discipline (04:42)

Moral and ethical obligations include meeting appropriate patient care standards, collaborating with other healthcare professionals, maintaining integrity, and patient advocacy. Learn about the ANA Code of Ethics and hear nursing responsibilities. Nurses must stay educated about national concerns, outbreaks, and epidemics.

Professional Nursing Summary (04:17)

View core values guiding nurses. They must practice non-biased care, cultivate integrity and honesty, maintain a positive attitude and appearance, work in a team, and be responsible and disciplined.

Credits: Professionalism in Nursing: Keys to Success (37:54)

Credits: Professionalism in Nursing: Keys to Success

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The nursing profession is unique for the types of people it attracts—caring, nurturing and compassionate in the face of illness and suffering. But to succeed in today’s complex health care landscape, it’s important for nurses to be more than that. This video covers the concept of professionalism as it pertains to nursing, and how following the tenets of professionalism can help ensure a long and satisfying career. Viewers will learn about core values of nursing, the importance of providing non-biased care, how to go about the job with integrity and honesty, the proper guidelines for attitude and appearance, and best practices for communication and teamwork in a multidisciplinary team setting. A coproduction of Meridian and MotionMasters.

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