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A Right to Die? (02:37)


In many countries, it is illegal to help somebody die; Diane Pretty campaigned to change the law. Petty had motor neurone disease and wanted her husband to help her die. Experts discuss the ethical arguments of assisted suicide.

Assisted Suicide (03:08)

Dutch doctors helped people who wanted to die to end their lives; it became legal in 2002. Experts discuss arguments against assisted suicide. The European Court of Human Rights denied Pretty's petition; a few days later she died.

Credits: A Right to Die? (00:10)

Credits: A Right to Die?

End of Life: a Moral Dilemma (02:40)

On April 15, 1989, a crowd surge at Hillsborough football stadium killed nearly 100 people and injured over 700. Tony Bland suffered irreversible brain damage and was in a persistent vegetative state. The hospital sought permission to end his feedings.

Ending Life Support (04:48)

Experts discuss the ethical arguments for and against withdrawing life support. Viewers identify arguments against letting Tony Bland die. The House of Lords eventually granted the request to end treatment; he died in 1993.

Credits: Moral Decisions - The Value of Life (00:10)

Credits: Moral Decisions - The Value of Life

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This video resource discusses the moral, ethical and emotional issues of Euthanasia using well known case studies to prompt discussion and debate. Tony Bland (Hillsborough disaster) was left in a permanent vegetative state and his parents wanted him to be allowed to die but this involved stopping feeding him. Diane Petty (a lady with advanced motor neurone disease) wanted her husband to be allowed to help her die without facing criminal prosecution. This informative resource discusses and opens debates on the issues of moral decisions around a right to life.

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