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Introduction: Developing Values (01:23)


Life experiences shape us into the individuals we become. Our values change in various stages of life. The Big Brothers and Big Sisters program provides mentoring.

What are Values (03:07)

After birth, we begin learning and developing values. Everyone has distinct values, part of a personal identity and a culture shares values. We develop our values from many sources, beginning with family and role models.

Identity (02:29)

During adolescence, parents lose influence and young people begin forming personal identity, often experimenting with different identities. Tasks include establishing friendships and career goals.

Influences (03:09)

Environment influences our values and varies with culture. Family, peers, role models, and media influence our values.

Risks (02:05)

Some adolescents express themselves through risk-taking. Limit yourself to calculated risks that help develop new skills or confidence; avoid self-destructive actions.

Values Conflict (02:32)

Sometimes, we face decisions involving conflicting values; these decisions help develop our values. The decision is a personal choice, and must be right for you.

Summary: Values and Identity (00:30)

On-screen text reviews the concepts of values, personal identity, culture, and family and peer influences.

Credits: Developing Personal Values (00:40)

Credits: Developing Personal Values

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Developing Personal Values

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Personal values affect every one of us. We all have a set of personal values that are distinct, which help to create our identity. Values also help us to function as a society and play an important part in forming groups, cultures, and civilizations. In this program, we follow two participants in the ‘Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mentoring organization and explore the various influences that help shape their values.

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