Segments in this Video

Perm Wind: First Section (03:13)


Using the pupils as a guideline, begin with a tram section on the top and front of the head. Twist and clip the hair.

Perm Wind: Second and Third Sections (03:17)

Using your comb, continue the tram lines from the top of the head down the back of the head. Section across the occipital bone, twist and clip the hair. Twist and clip the remaining bottom section.

Perm Wind: Fourth Section (01:51)

Section off the hair above the right ear. Twist and clip it out of the way. Avoid the common mistake of joining lines.

Perm Wind: Sections Five Through Nine (02:54)

Section across the top of the right ear to join up with the occipital bone for section five and finish the right side by clipping section six out of the way. Repeat on the other side for sections seven through nine.

Rod Placement Sequence (00:26)

See the order in which the rollers are placed in their sections.

Rolling Sections Five and Eight (04:03)

For proper roller placement, create a triangular section beginning at the top. Fold the end paper over the hair and then trap it around the rod. See Mcloughlin's method for rolling.

Making Rollers Sit Correctly (03:15)

Using the first section, Mcloughlin demonstrates the trick to rod placement. A thin section of hair is important.

Review: Nine Section Perm Wind (00:50)

See a written review of the key points on the nine section perm wind made in this video.

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Nine Section Perm Wind

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In this instructional video, John Mcloughlin uses a block to demonstrate sectioning the hair into nine parts. Learn techniques for rod winding, common mistakes and the proper sequence for roller placement. 

Length: 21 minutes

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