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Technology and Manners (01:51)


Guests talk about technological rudeness, such as texting at social gatherings. We conduct many relationships online, where rules and manners are unclear.

Guidelines for Online Manners (01:58)

Put people before technology. Do not interfere with other people's rights. Anyone may see anything you put online.

Communication (01:11)

In the past, people were forced to find something to talk about during awkward silence. Today the silence leads to phone usage.

Phone Etiquette (01:54)

Turn off your phone in settings where it would be disruptive, or follow etiquette when expecting an important call. Respect people's privacy when taking pictures.

Texting Etiquette (01:47)

Avoid texting when you should interact with the people you are with, even if your friends tolerate it.

Written Online Messages (01:36)

Remember that anyone may see your written messages. Check for auto correct errors. Avoid angry messages, forwarding private messages, and sexting. Never end a relationship by text.

Facebook Etiquette (02:02)

Guests talk about behavior on Facebook that they dislike. Consider how others may interpret something you write differently than you intend.

Social Media Etiquette (04:13)

On social media, we lack immediate feedback that tells us if we are saying something hurtful or boring. Avoid oversharing. Respond to invitations. Follow these rules in interactions.

Online Etiquette (00:60)

Guests give closing thoughts on manners for online interactions.

Credits: Social Media Manners (01:17)

Credits: Social Media Manners

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Social media is a whole new universe when it comes to manners and etiquette. Manners used to be something that happened in person, but today we conduct many of our relationships online and the rules and courtesies can be a little unclear. Social Media Manners addresses the general manners guidelines for cell phone use, text messaging, email, and social media websites and apps like Facebook or Twitter.

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