Segments in this Video

Introduction: Manners and Work Place (01:52)


Mike will teach Sasha and Sean about manners in the professional world. He explains the importance of manners.

Job Interview Etiquette (04:27)

Clean up your online presence. Groom and dress appropriately, and project confidence; come prepared. Send a thank you. Ask when you can expect a decision to determine when to follow up.

Business Phone Etiquette (03:03)

In business, talking is better than texting; tone matters. Keep a low-key ring tone and use a professional greeting. Learn when to avoid answering the phone.

Phone Calls with Customers (02:19)

Ask for guidance on handling calls from upset customers. Tell a caller who will be listening on speaker phone. Follow etiquette in putting someone on hold and calling back.

Email Etiquette (02:37)

In business, email is preferred to text. Send the email to as few people as possible. Use a specific subject line and avoid using text lingo and all caps.

Business Email (01:18)

Reply to a business email within 24 hours. Do not tweet or message to see if someone received an email. Generally avoid Facebook messaging in business.

Credits: Manners Boot Camp (01:15)

Credits: Manners Boot Camp

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Having good manners will help you stand out from the crowd and knowing how to act with professional courtesy can help you land a job and succeed once you have your foot in the door. Join Sasha and Sean in Manners Boot Camp: Professional Courtesy as they work to get their etiquette in shape for the professional world of work. Topics include the importance of manners, job interview etiquette, business phone etiquette, and email etiquette.

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