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Common Foodborne Illnesses (03:44)


Several infectious diseases cause foodborne illness. Learn what foods these illnesses can be found in. Diabetes, obesity, pregnancy, and age can increase your risk.

Germs are All Around Us (01:38)

The human body harbors 10 trillion bacterial cells. High touch areas potentially harbor infectious agents. Ready to eat foods left on the counter all day are not advisable to eat.

Proper Hand Washing Technique (06:00)

Hands are exposed to more germs than any other part of the body. See a black light experiment and learn how to wash your hands; antibacterial soap is not necessary.

Preventing Cross-Contamination (01:35)

Avoiding cross contamination begins at the grocery store. Learn how to prevent cross contamination during food preparation.

Time and Temperature Danger Zone (03:45)

The danger zone is 40-140 degrees Farenheit. Do not leave foods in the danger zone longer than two hours; thaw foods in the fridge. Learn optimum temperatures to slow bacterial growth, stop bacterial growth, and serve cooked meats.

Keeping the kitchen clean (03:06)

Wash fruits and vegetables before eating, cutting boards, and utensils; sanitize common surfaces. Learn how to prevent your sponge from becoming a bacterial breeding ground. Review the foodborne illness prevention techniques discussed in this video.

Credits: Food Safety It's In Your Hands (01:02)

Credits: Food Safety It's In Your Hands

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Food Safety: It's In Your Hands

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Ever get sick from something you ate? An estimated 1 in 6 people contract a foodborne illness each year. Discover the steps to keeping food safe from foodborne illness by joining a chef in the kitchen along with a microbiologist to learn what you need to know for clean and safe food storage and preparation. This video features short segments that breakdown food safety essentials, including: common foodborne illnesses; proper hand washing technique; preventing cross-contamination; the time and temperature danger zone; and keeping the kitchen clean.

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