Segments in this Video

Knife Safety (03:49)


Learn how to: keep your cutting board in place, properly hold a knife, and clear your cutting board without dulling your knife. See how to sharpen knives.

Types of Knives (03:01)

Learn the uses for the chef's, serrated, and paring knife. Chef Marshall O'Brien also recommends having a blender and a food processor in your kitchen.

Cutting Methods: Fruits and Vegetables Pt. 1 (04:36)

Chef Marshall O'Brien uses a chef's knife to slice carrots, strawberries, peppers, and cantaloupe. He demonstrates how to dice and chunk a pineapple.

Cutting Methods: Fruits and Vegetables Pt. 2 (04:44)

See how to slice and dice onion and sweet potato and how to chop cabbage, red peppers, kiwi and raspberries.

Cutting Method: Salmon and Roast (02:59)

Chef Marshall O'Brien demonstrates how to skin and filet a salmon and cut a roast into steaks.

Cutting Method: Chicken (02:52)

Chef Marshall O'brien demonstrates how to cut a whole chicken into eight pieces.

Using the Food Processor (03:13)

Chef Marshall O'Brien demonstrates how to cut cucumbers, shred cabbage and red peppers, and chop and mince onions.

Using the Blender (01:49)

Chef Marshall O'Brien demonstrates how to make a fruit and yogurt smoothie.

Credits: Knife Skills (00:17)

Credits: Knife Skills

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Knife Skills

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Join Chef Marshall O'Brien to learn essential knife skills and basic cuts to gain confidence in the kitchen. He explains how to stay safe, identifies common types of knives, and demonstrates various cutting techniques. Segments include: Knife Safety, Types of Knives, Cutting Methods: Fruits and Vegetables, Cutting Methods: Chicken, Using the Blender and Using the Food Processor. 

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