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Capturing Attention (00:36)


Try to count the number of footballs as they fly across the screen. There were 27, but you didn't need to count to get the right answer.

Introduction: Focus Pocus (00:43)

This program will put you through experiments designed to test your attention, and teach you to improve your focus.

Concentration at Football Game (02:16)

Concentrate on this particular receiver during the play. He makes the catch and goes off-screen; a different player is congratulated, but many will not notice the switch.

Inattentional Blindness (01:56)

Be the referee on a field goal attempt. By focusing on the ball, you fail to notice three cheerleaders removing the outer layer of their tops.

Smooth Pursuit (01:22)

Your eyes focus on a fast-moving object to provide smooth pursuit. Learn how the eye provides focused and peripheral vision.

Narrowing Attentional Spotlight (03:01)

Your attentional spotlight can be 1/1000 your field of vision. A man cannot find a particular card in the deck; it is on the magician's forehead.

Hiding Deck (01:20)

While you track a particular card, the magician hides the rest of the deck without your noticing it is gone. He diverts your focus with his eyes.

Interpretation and Vision (02:36)

What we see is not raw visual input, but interpretation; the brain determines what input is real. Focus on one of four footballs; the others will disappear.

Peripheral Vision Experiment (04:48)

The visual cortex focuses on content the fovea delivers; peripheral vision is blurry. Focus on an X; your peripheral vision may not be able to distinguish people's gender.

Peripheral Vision Test (02:09)

Test your ability to identify gender with peripheral vision. The brain creates a seamless high-resolution image the eyes themselves cannot, but peripheral vision detects motion well.

Continuity Errors (02:39)

Continuity errors result from splicing together takes of a scene. Track how many times meals change during a scene. There are other changes you missed while doing so.

Card Trick (01:14)

Take advantage of what you have learned about the brain's focus; follow the card as the magician tries to misdirect you.

Credits: Focus Pocus (00:13)

Credits: Focus Pocus

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Focus Pocus

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In this episode we explore your brain’s constant battle between attention and distraction by investigating all the ways you focus, from visual processing to mental filtering to prioritizing attention. So pay close attention: your life may depend on it!

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