Segments in this Video

Diner Offended at Autistic Child's Behavior (04:05)


In a restaurant, hidden cameras show patrons coming to the defense of a family when they are treated badly by an actor posing as a angry diner.

Michael Savage Claims Autism Over-diagnosed (00:39)

The autism community protests remarks made by Savage.

Autistic Diner Steals Fries (03:25)

Restaurant patrons unite against a man when he tries to shame a family into leaving. They learn they are on a hidden camera show.

Doorman Calls Customer Fat (03:45)

People in line at an upscale club are angered when the doorman refuses to let a woman in because she isn't pretty or sexy enough. He insists she prove she is "model material" by getting weighed.

Weight Shaming (04:41)

Hear mixed responses from club-goers when a doorman refuses entry to a woman because of her weight and fashion choices.

Diner Shocked by Transgendered Waitress (04:14)

A man pretends to be disgusted when he learns a waiter he knew as Christopher is now Carmen. See how a nearby customer responds to him.

Patrons Defend Transgender Waitress (03:23)

Watch as two men individually tell a discriminatory customer to mind his own business.

Spa's Bigoted Customer (04:12)

A customer speaks rudely about her non-english speaking pedicurist. See how other customers respond to her racism.

Response to Racist Customer (03:28)

A neighboring patron lashes out at one woman who is talking rudely about her Asian pedicurist.

Athlete Comes Out to his Teamates (05:41)

In this hidden camera scenario, bystanders support a youth for his bravery and encourage him to be himself.

Athlete Comes Out to Coach (02:35)

A bystander tells the unsupportive coach to accept the gay athlete and to keep him on the team or give up coaching.

Racist Deli Customer (03:26)

In this hidden camera scenario, a man refuses to let a Muslim man take his order. Customers respond in favor of the Muslim worker.

Man Refuses Service by MuslimSoldier Defends Muslim Deli Worker (02:55)

In two different scenarios, a customer agrees with the racist man's views and a soldier strongly supports the Muslim's right to religious freedom.

Spanish Customer Verbally Attacked (03:38)

Customers look to a restaurant manager for help when they hear a man telling a Spanish-speaking woman to go to Taco Bell.

Racist Annoys Other Customers (03:44)

After telling a child she should teach her mother to speak English, a man tells the racist customer to keep his opinions to himself. In a second incident, an empathetic family invites the Spanish women to dine with them.

Manager Calls Employee Stupid (04:11)

A restaurant customer comes to the defense of a verbally abused immigrant worker. See various responses from other onlookers.

Manager Publicly Fires Immigrant Worker (03:47)

See the reactions of two different women at the treatment of an illegal employee by his abusive restaurant manager.

Black Shopper Targeted (03:03)

White female customers are shocked at racist comments made by a clothing store worker.

Black Shopper Accused of Stealing (02:26)

See how onlookers respond when a man is publicly patted down in a clothing store because of the way he is dressed.

Black Shopper Frisked (03:08)

See how customers respond to this hidden camera scenario when a disguised Daymond John is targeted for shoplifting because of his appearance.

Homeless Man Denied Service (04:52)

See how customers react when a bartender says having homeless people in the restaurant is bad for business.

Customers Angered at Bartender's Intolerance (03:51)

See how customers respond when a homeless man is refused service in a restaurant.

Racist Stylist Offends Customers (03:14)

In this scenario, a hair stylist makes offensive comments when she sees a white customer with a black girlfriend.

Customer Condemns Racist Hair Stylist (04:09)

A woman demands an employee stop talking about a interracial couple. She learns she is on hidden camera.

Against Public Affection (03:34)

After watching a gay couple kissing in a restaurant, a woman says homosexuality goes against the Bible and she doesn't want to see public displays of affection from anyone.

Gay Couple Asked to Leave (04:19)

In this scenario, a woman has an overly affectionate gay couple kicked out of a restaurant. See one angered customer find out he is on hidden camera.

Black Man Steals From Car (04:52)

Women yell for help when they see personal property being taken from a car. A man goes after the thief with a chair.

White Man Steals From Car (03:03)

Customers outside a restaurant respond when they see a man taking property from a parked car.

Woman Drugged in Bar (04:55)

See different responses from customers when they see two men put something in a woman's drink.

Protecting Woman from Roofied Drink (03:29)

A customer calls the police and blocks the exit after he witnesses two men put drugs in a woman's drink. A woman admits to being afraid to speak up.

Fat Buffet Customer Taunted (06:12)

See customers come to the aid of a person who is being verbally harassed for eating too much.

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Encourage students to explore biases and stereotypes with this third series of ABC News "What Would You Do?" segments. Each scenario puts actors into exchanges with unwitting bystanders, generating a wide range of responses—from overt hostility towards other races and cultures to acts of genuine compassion. Topics explored include disability, LGBT, homelessness, race and ethnicity, and more.

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