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Entitled Generation (02:02)


Social rules are falling and individualism is rising. Generation X and its successors are entitled and narcissistic. This film will examine generational history and divides.

Communitarianism Versus Individualism (00:25)

Clinton is quoted on obligation to the future. Curt Cobain and Kanye West are quoted from an individualist perspective.

Credits: It's All About Me (00:46)

Credits: It's All About Me

What's the Matter with Kids Today? (02:59)

The narrator's experience with a teenaged relative who thought the world revolved around him led him to research what shapes generational attitudes.

Narcissism (01:59)

Gen Me demonstrates narcissism. The narrator explains his effort to understand causes, consequences and solutions for this.

Myth of Narcissus (01:49)

Learn the Greek myth of Narcissus. In Ovid's version, he commits suicide. Reality and social rules collide with a narcissistic generation's entitlement.

Individualist Ethos (00:34)

Younger generations are taught from youth to "be yourself," not to put duty before one's self. Baby boomers, in contrast, generally came to these ideas in young adulthood.

Characteristics of Generations (02:01)

The "Silent Generation" grew up with work ethic. Baby boomers were raised in structured homes. Gen-X grew up in a loose environment. Gen-Y feels entitled to instant gratification.

The Silent Generation (02:23)

Children of the Depression and WWII are frugal, graven and fatalistic and put duty before self. Boomers talk about their "silent generation" parents.

Baby Boomers' Idealism and Materialism (03:00)

Early boomers came to see themselves as a break from the past, individualistic and cause-oriented. Late boomers are less optimistic, distrusting government, and materialistic.

Generation X (00:58)

Gen X (1965-77) rejects the Boomers' passion both for political change and for pursuing wealth, preferring to ignore government and not work too hard.

Generation Y (02:12)

Gen Y (1978-89) succeeded Gen X but was more confident, seeing itself as questioning, creative and technology savvy.

Peter Pan Generation (01:45)

Many in Gen Y delay rites of passage such as marriage and career. They believe in enjoying themselves, as life is short.

Generation Boomerang (01:39)

Many in Gen Y return to live with parents. One explanation is that they are coddled, but the recession may be a cause.

Borrowing (02:35)

Generation X embraced borrowing beyond the mortgage, with credit card and other debt. Many can give their children whatever they want.

Generation Z (02:03)

Gen Z (1990-2001) is technologically driven and has short attention span. Parents should have dinner table discussions, with electronic devices off.

Studying Generational Change (00:35)

Succeeding generations are becoming increasingly self-centered. The narrator outlines the dimensions through which he will evaluate these changes.

Parenting (01:35)

People talk about strict upbringing they experienced in pre-boomer generations. Dr. Spock shaped a new approach, which some blame for indulgence.

Are Children Spoiled? (02:20)

A man laments that parents let their children question them. A woman talks about how she and others spend money on things like swimming lessons for children.

Work Family Balance (02:07)

In boomer households, both parents commonly work. Boomer offspring talk about how and whether parents found time to raise them.

Decline of Marriage (01:27)

A breakdown of accepted norms led to high divorce rates among baby boomers; many Gen Xers responded by not getting married at all.

Indulgent Parenting (03:03)

Parents compensate for absence, due to work or divorce, through indulgence. Corporal punishment declined in schools and at home.

Parenting in Nature (01:56)

A man sees the lioness as a parenting model, teaching offspring survival skills rather than worrying about self-esteem. Others discuss parents' excessive fear of danger to children.

Helicopter Parenting (01:30)

A professor talks about his experience of helicopter parents of college students, and the danger he sees in such parenting.

Participation Trophies (03:34)

People discuss the Gen Y trend toward leagues giving all youth sports participants trophies, arguing this leaves them unprepared for life.

Over-managing (00:45)

A woman talks about over-managing and over-scheduling of children.

Education System (00:47)

The education system has contributed to the entitlement mentality of recent generations. Most teachers and principles backed out of interviewing for this film.

Self-Esteem Focus (02:06)

Beginning in the 1970s, the education system shifted focus from achievement to self-esteem, which does not prepare them for careers.

College (04:20)

Gen. Y college students cheat rampantly, disregard professors' authority, and have a sense of entitlement.

Immigrant Ethos (01:23)

New immigrants tend to have a drive to succeed, unlike many entitled youth in the West.

Unserious College Students (01:26)

Young people feel obligated to go to college even if they aren't interested, and waste time and money. Colleges cater to such students, lowering standards.

Suicide (03:58)

Many students are emotionally unprepared for college and develop mental illness or even commit suicide.

Decline of Church (01:15)

Recent generations see church attendance as optional, making it difficult to pass on values to children.

Technology (01:51)

Gen X was the MTV generation. Succeeding generations move toward digital interaction and away from personal interaction.

Online Reputation (01:45)

Something you send online never goes away; young people should be cautious. A woman talks about creating an online brand.

Forms of Narcissism (01:52)

Young generations lash out if their feelings of entitlement are not met. Learn to distinguish normal from destructive narcissism.

Tattoos (03:11)

Those in "Generation Me" are unapologetic about their self-focus. Body image modification has exploded as a way to get attention.

Fantasies (02:46)

Pursuit of admiration leads to grandiose fantasies, reflected in celebrity culture, reality TV and Facebook.

Luka Magnotta (01:11)

An entertainment industry official discusses Luka Magnotta, a porn star arrested for dismemberment, as someone who, like many, was obsessed with self-image.

Loneliness (02:17)

Gen Me individualism leads to loneliness. Young people feel a need to be heard and famous.

Personalized Worship (00:57)

Mainline denominations are declining, while Churches are promoting personalized worship rise.

Sexual Practices (01:46)

Gen Me takes and individualist approach to sex, engaging in risky practices such as choking.

Economic Struggles (03:13)

Each generation used to be better off than its predecessors; starting with Gen X, that was no longer true.

Workplace (02:36)

Baby boomers value recognition for accomplishments, while younger generations value high pay and will leave if dissatisfied.

Environmentalism (01:19)

The young generation cares about the environment over profit.

Management in New Generation (02:59)

Learn ways to manage an entitled generation. Managers should provide people clear career paths and provide mentors.

Emulating Boomers (01:16)

Generation Y should learn from baby boomers' approach in the workplace, interviewees say.

Parenting (01:39)

Parents should set limits, avoid excessive praise and discourage self-centeredness. Schools should teach empathy and social skills, not self-esteem.

Life Advice (02:53)

Interviewees give young people advice for success in life.

Credits: It's All About Me (01:13)

Credits: It's All About Me

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We’ve all heard the sentiment—that Generations X, Y and Z have grown increasingly self-absorbed from over four decades of nurturing and education based on boosting self-esteem. But how did we get here? This program is one man’s journey looking at the different generations, including their history, cultural identity, traits and trends, to find out how we arrived here. Young people have more freedom and independence than ever; but the culture of narcissism is nearly epidemic. Antoine Gaber dissects the very real collision between generational expectations and reality, and how to bridge this generational divide to move toward a better future.

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