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Introduction: Louis Theroux's LA Stories: Edge of Life (02:17)


This brief overview orients viewers to the topic of treating terminal illnesses with excerpts from the program.

Langston Jackson (04:34)

Jackson is in critical condition from a drug overdose. His family learns that he is not likely to wake up.

Javier Galvan (03:44)

Louis Theroux participates in a meeting between Galvan's doctor and family to discuss Leukemia treatment options.

Long-term Care (02:00)

Theroux talks with Galvan's fiancé about Galvan's desire to continue treatment.

Jackson Prognosis (05:09)

Langston's doctor learns the best-case scenario and shares test results with the family. She asks them to consider not keeping him in a vegetative state.

Francisco (02:44)

Theroux visits a long term sub-acute care facility. Francisco has been in a coma for three years.

Francisco: Prognosis (02:36)

Theroux discusses the prognosis with Francisco's doctor.

Dante Rogers: Cancer (03:20)

Rogers underwent chemotherapy, radiation, and major surgery to eradicate his cancer. The state pays his medical bills.

Galvan: Biopsy (02:54)

Galvan learns that his leukemia has grown; he decides to continue treatment.

Galvan: Extending Life (04:08)

Galvan and his doctor reflect on his prognosis and treatment options.

Jackson: Progress (03:42)

After a month in the hospital, family members and nursing staff see increased reactions. Theroux visits Jackson's family to learn about his life.

Jackson: Recovery? (02:05)

Jackson's grandmother arrives to keep vigil at his bedside. The family continues to believe he will recover despite medical opinions.

Rogers: Prognosis (03:50)

The surgical team tells Rogers that his body is not healing and comfort measures are the only options available.

Rogers: Devastated (02:40)

Rogers and his aunt are in shock after hearing that there are no more treatment options.

Galvan: Married (02:34)

Galvan and his fiancé wed in the hospital. Two days later he starts chemotherapy; he died the next day.

Jackson: Miracle (04:14)

After two months, Jackson wakes from his vegetative state. His doctor has no explanation for his sudden recovery.

Rogers: Optimistic (04:10)

After five months in the hospital, Rogers accepts that nothing more can be done to help him.

Patient Follow Up (01:45)

Six weeks after discharge, Rogers passed away at his aunt's home. Seven weeks after discharge, Jackson visits the hospital.

Credits: Louis Theroux's LA Stories: Edge of Life (00:41)

Credits: Louis Theroux's LA Stories: Edge of Life

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Louis Theroux, English documentary filmmaker and broadcaster, heads to the award-winning Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles to learn more about the American way of death. A huge amount of money is spent on treatment during the last year of life and Louis follows the stories of three patients as they grapple with their seemingly terminal conditions. Should they accept the inevitable and try to pass away in as dignified way as possible? Or should they go down fighting, trying every last treatment no matter how unlikely it is to succeed or how bad the side effects may be? Here it's often the latter because the U.S. health care system continues to pay for treatments that patients want. A BBC Production.

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