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Introduction: The Kids with No Memory (00:55)


This brief overview of memory disorders orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

Rosie (02:24)

As a teenager, Rosie developed encephalitis, which caused her to lose her memory.

Ricky (03:09)

Ricky's brain was damaged at birth from oxygen starvation.

Sam (01:19)

Sam had numerous illnesses as a child, which left him with learning difficulties and a severe memory disorder.

Brain Scan (02:04)

Ricky and his parents visit Dr. Ingram Wright to learn more about his memory disorder.

Career (02:09)

Rosie is determined to finish college and become a hairdresser despite her memory issues.

Outing (02:17)

Sam is unable to leave the house alone. He is able to create memories of his pets. Sam and his family spend the day at the zoo.

Job Hunting (02:30)

Rosie, who suffers a memory disorder, takes her resume to several salons, hoping to gain work experience.

Review the Outing (01:44)

Sam, who suffers a memory disorder, reviews the images from his zoo outing to see if it sparks any memories.

Brain Scan Results (02:12)

Ricky, who suffers a memory disorder, learns that scar tissue in his brain indicates that he will not be able to increase his memory abilities.

Brain Camp (01:59)

Ricky, Rosie, and Sam, who suffer memory disorders, arrive at a camp hoping to gain confidence and skills to deal with frustration.

First Activity (03:43)

The teenagers, who suffer memory disorders, take a nature walk to de-clutter their minds.

Horses (02:08)

Horses are frequently used in memory disorder therapy. Commanding a large animal can increase confidence.

Friends (02:48)

Ricky helps Sam participate with the horses. Rosie is more reluctant. The three all suffer differently caused memory disorders.

Common Experiences (02:40)

The teenagers , who suffer memory disorders, test their memories from the day. Ricky and Rosie share their experiences with memory loss.

Facing Fears (03:10)

Rosie, who suffers a memory disorder, decides to ride the horses. Her instincts from previous experience help her gain confidence.

Birds (02:32)

As a final activity at brain camp, the participants, who suffer memory disorders, interact with various birds.

Bonds (03:48)

Rosie feels confident enough to cut Ricky's hair. The families of teens who suffer memory disorders reflect on their weekend together.

Credits: The Kids with No Memory (00:31)

Credits: The Kids with No Memory

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We all forget things from time to time. Birthdays, names, whether we’ve met someone before. But what if you couldn’t remember anything after just a few hours, often forgetting to take off your clothes before getting in the bath, or couldn’t even recognize your own reflection? And how much tougher is it if you’re just a teenager? We normally associate memory loss with older people, but around the UK scores of teenagers are battling with severe amnesia. This film follows a number of young amnesiacs in their day-to-day lives and for the first time, reveals the huge challenges they face; from school and sports, to shopping and relationships, showing how things most people take for granted are a heartbreaking struggle for these young people. A BBC Production.

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