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Intro: Inside the Animal Mind: The Problem Solvers (01:57)


For centuries, it has been thought that animals behave purely out of instinct. This program reveals new research of animals with problem solving minds.

New Caledonian Crows (03:39)

Dr. Alex Taylor designs a test to determine if a crow can solve a complex problem.

Puzzle Solving Crow (04:04)

Watch "007" solve an 8-stage puzzle.

Waggle Dance (04:42)

In this instinctive behavior, honey bees direct nest-mates to a food source through a transmission of angles and distances.

Brann the Raven (03:14)

The bird uses water to retrieve a trapped piece of food from a bottle.

Raven vs Dog vs Human (03:15)

Of the three, the raven is the only one to complete the puzzle of removing a green ball from a plastic box.

Problem Solving Abilities (03:52)

In this experiment, a Eurasian Jay demonstrates: the ability to understand cause and effect and flexible thinking.

Brain-to-Body Mass Ratio (02:52)

Humans, crows and chimpanzees all have large brains for their body size.

Discovery of Chimpanzees Using Tools (02:51)

Jane Goodall observed chimps using blades of grass to retrieve insects.

Skill of Imagination (04:34)

Muppet, the cockatoo, is tested to see if he is using learned behavior to undo a series of locks.

Caching Animals (01:45)

Squirrels and corvids are well known for stashing food for future use.

Ability of Mental Time Travel (03:17)

An experiment demonstrates the ability of the western scrub jay to think ahead and anticipate future needs.

Delayed Gratification Challenge (01:43)

Humans must the develop the ability of mental time travel.

Octopus Survival Strategy (02:59)

The octopus demonstrates problem solving abiltities similar to great apes parrots and crows. It uses a coconut shell to hide from predators.

Varied Diet = Varied Lifestyle (02:08)

Animals that have adapted in the way they live tend to be predator and prey.

Sharing New Tool Ideas (04:21)

A New Caledonia crow crafts a hook to catch prey. Different crows use different tools and the tools improve with each generation.

Credits: Inside the Animal Mind: The Problem Solvers (00:48)

Credits: Inside the Animal Mind: The Problem Solvers

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The Problem Solvers: Inside the Animal Mind

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Chris Packham explores the minds of the cleverest animals on the planet, discovering the astonishing abilities of the best and most unlikely animal problem solvers on the planet, crows. He witnesses a remarkable world first as they solve the most complicated animal puzzle ever completed. He uncovers the extraordinary range of animal intelligence: bees which navigate, cockatoos which pick locks and a brilliantly ingenious octopus.

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