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Addressing Global Warming (01:37)


A Vermont initiative may reduce greenhouse gas emissions while supporting family farms.

Vermont Dairy Sector (04:32)

Family farmers demonstrate their herds and operations. Increased milk productivity has decreased carbon footprints over time.

Preserving Agricultural Heritage (03:18)

Vermont dairy farmers discuss the need to increase efficiency. Learn how volatile pricing has put operations out of business; citizens are rallying to save family farms from suburban development.

Vermont Dairy Digesters (02:58)

Methane digesters were developed during the '70s energy crisis. David Dunn identified funding as an obstacle to implementing the technology on farms.

Cow Power Concept (02:34)

Learn now Green Mountain Power and the Vermont state government created renewable energy development funds to finance methane digesters on farms.

Implementing Methane Digesters (04:30)

Vermont farmers participate in Cow Power for business and environmental reasons. Learn the process of converting manure into electricity to power local homes.

Environmental Benefits (03:01)

Learn how methane digesters recycle nutrients for fertilizing crops, rather than polluting waterways. The process also removes manure odors.

Cow Power Byproducts (01:57)

Learn how methane digesters produce bedding and compost— recycling materials and saving farms money.

Economic Challenges (02:59)

Learn how tight profit margins and unstable milk prices made dairy farmers unable to improve methane digester technology on their own.

Cow Power Community Program (03:17)

Wholesale energy prices weren't financially sustainable. Learn how Vermont customers pay a voluntary tariff to offset dairy digester costs and support local farmers.

Cow Power Customers (03:24)

Dunn recruited Vermont businesses such as Long Trail Brewery to purchase electricity from dairy farms and support the renewable energy program.

Carbon Neutrality Goals (01:56)

Green Mountain College purchases electricity from the Cow Power program. Lean how carbon offset credits work.

Green Business Strategies (01:33)

Vermont company owners discuss using the Cow Power program as an environmental marketing tool.

Cow Power Results (02:52)

With community and government support, Vermont's methane digester energy program is economically viable and growing.

Promoting Renewable Technology (04:22)

Digesters could cover 10% of U.S. energy needs, but are only available in Vermont. Farmers and customers discuss how to market the program as environmental and stimulating local economies.

Cow Power Future (04:23)

Program partners discuss promoting methane digester technology, preserving Vermont dairies, and improving agricultural sustainability nationwide.

Cow Power Movement (02:28)

Methane digesters provide renewable energy and promote farm sustainability. Dunn urges other states to follow Vermont's example.

Credits: Cow Power: Vermonters Turning Manure Into Energy (03:36)

Credits: Cow Power: Vermonters Turning Manure Into Energy

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This film focuses on the history and science behind the world’s only utility offering electricity created from cow manure. Vermont is the first state to combine policy with citizen generosity in an effort to support Cow Power farms. Businesses ranging from breweries to colleges pay an optional tariff to support the program. Farmers retrofit their farms with digesters that turn cow waste into a renewable energy source. The process of removing cow manure from the barn floor and collecting the methane gas to produce energy is 75% efficient (compared to 30% efficiency from wind power and 12% efficiency by solar power). The benefits of Cow Power are endless and this renewable energy source could become an option for addressing the U.S energy crisis. (55 minutes)

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