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One-Week Job Project (01:18)


View a Buddha quote about finding our calling. Sean Aiken begins his 52 week journey working as a bungee jump operator. (Credits)

Career Search (02:00)

Aiken describes graduating from college at the top of his class, but lacking direction. His father urged him to find a passion, and his life would unfold.

Finding a Passion (01:34)

Aiken outlines his career search project working at 52 jobs in a year. His parents express concerns about staying on target.

Vancouver Area Jobs (01:24)

Aiken begins his career search project working as a bungee jump operator, TV talk show intern, show shoe guide, volleyball coach, and reporter.

Edmonton Area Jobs (01:53)

Aiken gets a sponsor and travels from Vancouver to Edmonton. He works as a florist and a yoga instructor; another teacher shares his own career search experience.

Working with Animals (02:11)

Aiken works on a dairy farm, a ski resort and as a veterinary assistant. His boss discusses her career change from banking and urges him to find a job he enjoys.

Eliminating Career Choices (02:03)

Aiken cuts costs by staying with coworkers and taking public transportation. He works as a corporate recruiter, innkeeper, and cattail picker; a motivational speaker recommends identifying what you don't want to do first.

Romantic Fling (03:36)

Aiken meets a Danna in Quebec during his one-week job journey; they have a connection. His father reflects on sacrificing career flexibility to provide for his young family.

Career Networking (02:41)

Aiken learns the value of making personal connections with potential employers while working as a radio DJ. He hitchhikes across Canada to visit Danna on the weekend to pursue their relationship.

One Week Job Limitation (01:43)

Aiken works as a tattooist in Toronto, but finds it difficult to make a meaningful contribution without tattoo skills.

Sales Strategies (03:07)

Aiken's best friend Ian decides to join him on the road for two weeks. Aiken works at a brewery in Toronto and learns about marketing.

Non-Profit Health Work (02:08)

Aiken promotes a sports fundraiser for cancer research and is inspired by contributing to a greater cause.

Workplace Communication (03:16)

Aiken is uncertain of his job description while working for a film festival and learns the value of clear instruction and good management.

Professional Teamwork (02:17)

Aiken works for an ad agency and learns the value of coworker relationships while making to a beer commercial.

Entrepreneurial Spirit (02:44)

Aiken has an interview with Fox News and gets job offers in the U.S. He learns how to be a self-starter while working as a trade show salesperson and with a T-shirt company in Atlanta.

American Media Coverage (03:18)

Aiken works at an aquarium in Atlanta and is interviewed by CNN about his one week job project, after which he travels to Miami. Ian goes home to his wife for a few weeks.

Work vs. Personal Identity (02:35)

As Aiken's project gains media attention, companies offer him jobs for publicity. He works as a pest exterminator and learns the value of career flexibility from a Miami stock trader.

Career Challenges (02:46)

Ian and Danna join Aiken in New York. He works as a fashion buyer and learns the value of going beyond his comfort zone.

One Week Job Press Coverage (01:43)

Aiken is interviewed by Good Morning America while working at a Brooklyn bakery. Danna worries that he'll lose sight of his career search goal.

Sacrificing Work Performance (02:16)

Aiken's career search is written up in the New York Times. He tries to correspond with reporters while working as a photography assistant; disappointing his boss is a personal wake-up call.

Reestablishing Project Goals (03:41)

Aiken misses a flight to Miami to work as fire fighters. He takes a pizza maker position in Cape Cod instead; his boss's down to earth attitude helps him regain sight of his career search.

Hollywood Careers (04:02)

Aiken learns about the commercial film industry while working with a movie producer and shadows a Los Angeles real estate agent.

Relationship Challenges (01:54)

Due to personality differences and geographical distance, Danna decides to take a break while Aiken finishes his one week job project.

Educational Careers (03:45)

Aiken inspires high school students as a motivational speaker in Denver and works as a preschool teacher in Boise. The director reflects on childcare and vocational satisfaction in family life.

One Week Job Hawaii (03:57)

Aiken promotes astronomy in schools, visits Mauna Kea Observatory, and inspires his hostess to pursue a second career.

Lifelong Journey (01:56)

Aiken works as a park ranger in Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii. His boss discusses his career philosophy.

Family Illness (02:23)

Aiken's mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. He considers stopping his career search project, but she convinces him to continue.

Starting a Career Movement (01:59)

Aiken reflects on inspiring others to find their passion as he works as a martial arts instructor, winemaker, cowboy, NHL mascot, firefighter, and Air Force recruit.

One Week Job Completion (02:43)

During Week 52, Aiken learns the challenge of local politics while working as town mayor of Port Moody, BC. He reflects on his year long career search.

One Week Job Project Lessons (01:52)

Aiken has discovered that his passion is to explore. Hear career advice from people he's worked with; he shares his experience on TED talks.

Epilogue: One Week Job (00:40)

Aiken worked 52 jobs and raised $20,401 for charity. He's published a book about his journey, is helping students find their passion, and lives with Danna. His mother has recovered from breast cancer.

Credits: One-Week Job (03:12)

Credits: One-Week Job

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After graduating from college, Sean Aiken created The One-Week Job Project. His goal: to work fifty-two jobs in fifty-two weeks in search of his passion. He traveled across North America, reinventing himself as a firefighter, a stock trader and more. The true story of one guy who set out to find his passion and discovered a movement. (79 minutes)

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