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Global Food Resource Pressure (00:46)


The potato is one of Ireland's most important crops. Researcher Denis Griffin works to develop improved varieties, taking fifty traits into account.

Potato Threats (00:52)

Diseases such as blight concern farmers worldwide. New genetic technologies help Griffin to develop resistant varieties.

Potato Genome Project (01:21)

Dan Milbourne uses genetic technology to identify disease resistant traits. Scientists recently sequenced the potato genome.

Identifying Potato Gene Function (00:47)

After sequencing the genome, scientists use computer programs to search for disease resistant genes.

Plant Breeding Efficiency (00:52)

Gene identifying technologies accelerate the process of developing blight resistant potatoes and help meet future food demands.

Credits: Potato Genome: The Science Squad (00:03)

Credits: Potato Genome: The Science Squad

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Potato Genome: The Science Squad

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Ireland’s relationship with the potato has been a long and complex one. In this episode of Science Squad, meet two researchers on the international team that mapped the complete potato genome as reported in Nature magazine. Dan Milbourne is mining this invaluable genetic information to help develop new blight resistant varieties which could help prevent disease and assist in the global food shortage problem.

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