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Bearing Witness (02:56)


Investigative reporting is a "watchdog" role. Reporters discuss the importance of exposing injustices, conveying human suffering, and informing the public.

Change in the Twitter Era (03:20)

Journalists have a broader worldview and greater access to eye witnesses with the advancement of the Internet and social media. Experts discuss the drawbacks of decentralized news reporting.

Emerging Economic Models (03:26)

Investigative reporting is expensive in time and resources. Many organizations had to reduce the ranks of journalists. Experts discuss new economic models and non-profit models.

New Tools of the Trade (05:41)

Experts discuss presentation, first person reporting, and editing; flexibility and adaptability are vital. Public records are more easily available. A reporter uses tweets and blogs before creating a print copy.

Credits: Investigative Reporting in the Digital Era (01:11)

Credits: Investigative Reporting in the Digital Era

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Investigative Reporting in the Digital Era

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In the new world of tweets, blogs, and citizen journalism, what is the outlook for true investigative reporting? This program highlights the ways investigative journalism is changing, particularly in the context of digital and online media. Social media and globalization have changed the ways reporters connect with their readers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of nearly instantaneous access to news as it unfolds? A panel of heavy hitters from the world of journalism weighs in on these and other issues, such as emerging financial models for (costly) investigative reporting as traditional news budgets shrink. Young reporters entering the field will be particularly encouraged by many of the exciting technologies and resources available for developing stories that are more in-depth, media-rich, and engaging. Investigative journalism is a fast-evolving field, and this program helps entry-level reporters as well as veterans to bear witness more effectively in the Internet era. (17 minutes)

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