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Autism (01:14)


Carolina describes her mother's concern with her behavior as a child, and recalls being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.

PANAACEA (01:43)

Autism prevalence has increased dramatically over the past 40 years but research hasn’t yet identified genetic cause. Child psychiatrist Alexia Rattazzi has established an international therapy and education center in Argentina.

Adolescent Asperger's (02:58)

Carolina's mother describes her medical psychiatric treatment until meeting Rattazzi in 2007. She's since graduated high school and wants to work with animals, since they are more predicable than humans.

Autism Communication Challenges (02:26)

Manu's language wasn't developing normally and he was diagnosed with autism. Now 16, he attends a therapy group; his mother describes his character as literal and honest.

Finding Autism Treatment (02:56)

An Italian-Argentinean couple has two autistic daughters. Lacking effective treatment in Italy, they moved to Buenos Aires to work with expert Christian Plebst.

Early Intervention for Autism (01:30)

Learn the developmental importance of intensive and treatment for autistic toddlers.

Early Autism Signs (03:11)

Autistic children are unable to respond to facial expressions, recognize their name, make eye contact, point at familiar objects, or play "symbolic" games. Recognizing abnormal development is crucial for early intervention.

Interacting with Autistic Children (03:39)

Autistic children have trouble with social and human interaction. Ignacio's parents are learning a different communication system; a speech therapist explains how his behavior expresses needs and desires.

Socializing Autistic Children (03:15)

Playing with autistic children can improve their interaction skills. The challenge is to convince them to share their world with others; they prefer objects because communicating stresses their nervous system. Ignacio participates in a therapy session.

Living with an Autistic Sibling (04:13)

Carolina has difficulty socializing with classmates but enjoys visiting animals in a Buenos Aires zoo. Her sister describes how her behavior affected their relationship as children.

Training Parents of Autistic Children (03:41)

Parents trained in professional therapy techniques achieve higher results than therapists. View a group family session using objects to orchestrate communication through play.

Accepting Autism (03:07)

Families participate in communication therapy. Rattazzi discusses the importance of parents learning from their children and having a positive outlook.

Parenting Autistic Children (05:04)

Parents of autistic children want them to feel loved. Couples use music and play to communicate with their children.

Working with Autistic Children (03:07)

Ignacio's father shares how he's grown personally with an autistic child. An occupational therapist uses play to teach him simple actions; learn the importance of patience when working with individual children.

Autistic Teens (03:32)

16 year old Manuel's maturity and independence increases daily; he expresses affection for therapists. Carolina is overjoyed at her high school graduation ceremony.

Autism Prognosis (02:42)

Rattazzi explains how therapy can improve social and communication skills; in just a few days Ignacio and his parents are better able to connect. Once parents see results, they become more optimistic about their child's future.

Empowering Parents of Autistic Children (03:26)

Ignacio's mother describes positive experiences working with PANAACEA therapists; playing together has helped the family reconnect as a unit. Improving parental attitudes is an important part of the treatment process.

Success Treating Autism (03:14)

View parents and therapists playing with autistic children. After "Ocho Pasos Adelante" was released, Argentina created a national protocol for early detection of autism in 2013.

Credits: Ocho Pasos Adelante: Early Diagnosis and Intervention for Children with Autism (04:38)

Credits: Ocho Pasos Adelante: Early Diagnosis and Intervention for Children with Autism

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Ochos Pasos Adelante, or Eight Steps Forward, is a documentary about the impact that early detection and intervention makes on children with different levels of autism spectrum disorder (ADS). The film explores the work of PANAACEA—an Argentinian interdisciplinary team devoted to child and adolescent neurodevelopment. Through interviews and live sessions with therapists, kids, and their parents, the film offers concrete and clear tips on how to detect autism for effective early intervention. In Spanish, Italian and English, some portions with English subtitles. (60 minutes)

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