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Surviving Violent Crime (02:22)


Anders Breivik was recently sentenced for killing 77 in Norway. This film will follow individuals in their journey to physical and psychological recovery.

Survivor's Guilt (07:26)

Ex-soldier Marc Fitzpatrick reconstructs the IRA ambush that killed his best friend—hours before they were to be deployed to Afghanistan.

Strength through Family (02:56)

Fitzpatrick's fiancé and baby son help him cope emotionally after surviving a violent crime during which his best friend was killed.

Search for Normalcy (03:38)

Pub owner Harry Berger was injured during a 2010 shooting rampage in Cumbria. His wife has shouldered the business as he learns to function with one hand.

Survivor's Stoicism (01:47)

Cumbria taxi driver Terry Kennedy lost his arm during colleague Derrick Byrd's 2010 shooting rampage. He describes his experience returning to work.

Reconstructing a Shooting (05:41)

Berger and Kennedy describe Byrd's assault and their psychological state while waiting for medical attention.

Survivor's Resilience (02:26)

Kennedy doesn't blame Byrd for his rampage, while Berger calls him the devil incarnate. Learn differences in how they've handled losing the use of an arm.

Survivor's Denial (07:20)

Sophie Ellis lost her twin sister Charlene in a 2003 Birmingham gang shooting. She reconstructs the event and explains why she can't talk about it to friends and family.

Turning Tragedy into Positive Action (02:34)

Ellis has started mentoring young women rather than seeking retribution, after surviving a gang shooting that killed her sister.

Survivor's Search for Justice (07:25)

Denise Fergus describes her campaign for justice after her two year old son James was murdered in Liverpool. Unsuccessful, she's started a charity in his name to come to terms with her loss more positively.

Finding Peace as a Survivor (04:06)

Norwegian MP Stine Haheim describes facing Anders Breivik in court. Two teenagers share how they've coped with losing friends in the 2011 Utøya Massacre, bolstered by community strength.

Humanity of Survival (02:04)

Although time doesn't heal violent crime survivors, it allows them to change focus. Each psychological and physical recovery path is unique.

Credits: Survivors: Caught in the Crossfire (00:37)

Credits: Survivors: Caught in the Crossfire

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Survivors: Caught in the Crossfire

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On the eve of the sentencing of Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik, Kirsty Young goes behind the headlines to meet survivors of some of the most shocking crimes in living memory. From the Cumbrian shootings of 2010 to the Real IRA ambush of unarmed soldiers collecting pizza outside their barracks in Northern Ireland three years ago, the Crimewatch team reconstructs these remarkable stories of survival.The mother of James Bulger speaks about the impact of his murder on her life, and we see how those who lived through the Norwegian massacre have already started to rebuild their lives. (51 minutes)

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