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April, 2010 (01:49)


The Chinook helicopter is one of the most important military aircraft in the world. Experts inspect the aircraft before its first flight.

Intellectual Property (02:30)

QinetiQ employs over 7,000 people in the UK and is the leader in cutting-edge military technology. Meet several employees in specialized fields.

Boscombe Down (04:08)

Aviation engineers perform extensive modifications on Chinook helicopters to prepare them for warfare. Experts discuss the helicopter's various roles.

Chinook Modifications (03:06)

Aviation engineers at Boscombe Down must meet deadlines. Every Chinook helicopter undergoes the same refit process; attention to detail is vital for safety.

Aircraft Test Site, Boscombe Down (02:44)

The site has performed military aircraft testing since 1939 and has the only test pilot school in the UK. Wartime innovations drive breakthroughs in civilian technology.

Adapting Military Innovations to Worldwide Problems (03:03)

By 2020, the UK must increase its green energy production to 15%, but wind turbines adversely affect aviation radar. QinetiQ believes stealth technology may solve the turbine problem.

Stopping Aviation Radar Disruption (02:03)

QinetiQ and Vestas Turbine Production work to apply stealth technology to wind turbine blades. The project's success could mean cleaner energy for everyone.

Chinook Fuel Issues (03:38)

Delivering the new Chinooks on time is crucial for QinetiQ to maintain their preferred status with the British Ministry of Defense. An aviation mechanic replaces a fuel line inside one of the fuel tanks.

Fitting a Fuel Tank (01:50)

QinetiQ aviation experts attach a fuel tank to a Chinook helicopter.

Robotic Engineering (04:05)

Farnborough HQ employees explore everything from the vastness of space to subatomic particles. QinetiQ North America builds Talon robots to dismantle roadside bombs.

Talon Modifications (03:47)

Specialists at QinetiQ North America modify Talon robots to dismantle roadside bombs. A sensor specialist adapts the Talon for use by rescue services.

Farnborough HQ (01:29)

Specialist teams use Talon robots to respond to industrial fires. Robots are manned from a custom fitted vehicle.

Critical Part of the Chinook Refit (03:55)

Aviation experts at Boscombe Down begin Chinook interior work; instruments and computers are installed. The QinetiQ CEO observes the work and discusses employee pressure.

Time Consuming Task (04:48)

Aviation experts at Boscombe Down fit a Chinook helicopter with rotor blades. Each blade weighs approximately 380 pounds.

April 28, 2010 (02:50)

Aviation experts at Boscombe Down perform safety checks on a Chinook helicopter and discuss the day's importance.

Test Flight (04:15)

Experimental Test Pilot Bill Wainright reflects on taking the helicopter on its first flight. Wainright and Rotary Wing Test Pilot, Lor Miles Barnet fly the Chinook.

Credits: Britain's Secret Engineers: Voyages of Construction (00:40)

Credits: Britain's Secret Engineers: Voyages of Construction

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If you need to build a ‘top-secret’ piece of equipment in the U.K., there's one place many people choose to go: defense contractor QinetiQ. Follow workers at this leading British company on a global journey as they reveal a handful of their secretive projects. Meet the scientists and engineers building robots to defuse Afghanistan's deadly roadside bombs and learn how they're adapting them to help in dangerous civilian situations at home. Find out how British experts are using ‘stealth technology’ to make wind turbines less visible to radar and, with unprecedented access, follow the engineers racing to get Chinook helicopters ready for front line service—including in Afghanistan. (52 minutes)

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