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Melbourne Suicide Trend (00:59)


Recent teen deaths have been under reported outside the community.

Adolescent Estrangement (03:42)

Meet a Melbourne family who lost their 16-year-old daughter to suicide. Happy as a child, Paige turned to social media and distanced herself from her mother after entering high school.

Suicide Warning Signs (02:13)

Paige's mother Dee describes her emotional and behavioral changes including cutting, Facebook updates indicating depression, and withdrawing from her family.

Teen Cutting (01:54)

Paige's mother and grandmother describe her acts of self-harm to express emotional pain. The 16 year old agreed to speak to a Melbourne doctor but attempted suicide soon after.

Teen Psychiatric Assistance (02:07)

Paige's mother describes her first suicide attempt in a Melbourne suburb. She was admitted to an adolescent inpatient facility for 10 days—a place she found depressing and shameful.

Teen Depression (03:19)

Paige's mother regrets not confronting her about a drawing expressing her psychological pain. Soon after her 16th birthday, she was diagnosed with depression; her mother felt helpless and avoided the subject of suicide.

Losing a Daughter (05:05)

Paige was at a higher risk for suicide during the first month on anti-depressants. Her mother and grandmother describe the events leading to her suicide in a Melbourne suburb.

Teenage Reaction to Suicide (03:06)

Paige's friends flooded her phone and Facebook page after news of her death. Her mother reads a letter explaining that bullying had damaged her self-esteem; she believes that young people don’t fully grasp the concept of death.

Rowan's Story (03:42)

Paige's death was part of a teen suicide trend in her Melbourne suburb. Rowan's father describes his son's struggle with drugs and depression and their final conversation.

Addressing Suicide in School (02:59)

Local Melbourne principals discuss how to broach a teen suicide trend with students. Mental health experts recommend being open about the issue but some are concerned publicity may have a negative impact.

Online Youth Suicide Prevention (03:14)

A Melbourne school principal believes social media calls for a proactive approach. Two students created a Facebook page as a space for support, discussion and mental health resources after losing friends.

Breaking the Silence on Teen Suicide (02:54)

Residents of a Melbourne community gather for a public forum on youth suicide. A psychiatrist says that while it is preventable, strategies are not yet in place—and the causes are unclear.

Gaps in Suicide Prevention (02:04)

Melbourne community members address the lack of mental health resources for young people outside of school.

Suicide Prevention Assistance (01:56)

Melbourne community members discuss the importance of obtaining appropriate mental health resources—and publicizing the teen suicide epidemic.

Suicide Prevention Demand (02:51)

Melbourne parents and community members identify a need for greater youth mental health resources to address a teen suicide epidemic.

Credits: There's No 3G in Heaven: Addressing Teen Suicide (00:31)

Credits: There's No 3G in Heaven: Addressing Teen Suicide

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What happens when a community is rocked by a series of suicides, all of them young people? Should the families mourn in private lest the publicity encourage even more students to take their own lives? Or is it true that since the advent of social media nothing is private anyway? This important program tells the story of an Australian community that, after a string of teen suicides, held a public meeting to allow the victims’ loved ones to share their experiences and discuss ways to prevent such tragedies in the future. Footage from the meeting lends poignant insight into the shortcomings of mental health services in addressing adolescent depression; the point is made that breaking the silence about suicide—and harnessing the potential of social media as part of a prevention strategy—may be the best way to vanquish this enemy. Some language may be offensive. (43 minutes)

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