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Should NATO Admit Ukraine?: A Debate

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Founded in 1949 as a mutual defense alliance among nations in North America and Western Europe, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) today has 31 member countries. Four more countries—including Ukraine—have declared their desire to join the alliance. Ukraine has sought to move away from Russia’s sphere of influence in recent years and align itself more closely with the West. Since Russia invaded the country in February 2022, a record 82 percent of Ukrainians have backed joining NATO, and in September 2022 Ukraine formally announced a bid for fast-track membership. Supporters of Ukraine joining NATO argue that it would protect the country from further aggression, affirm its sovereignty, and solidify its alignment with the West and the rest of Europe. Opponents of Ukraine joining NATO argue that it would provoke Russian president Vladimir Putin to escalate the conflict, and that the nation doesn’t yet meet NATO’s standards regarding military capability, political stability, and commitment to democratic values. Should NATO admit Ukraine?

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