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Getting Started (01:46)


One of the best steps a homeowner can make for energy efficiency is upgrading heating or cooling systems. The Manual J calculation determines equipment. BTU is used to measure energy and heat value.

Identify Furnace Upgrade Equipment Options (03:18)

Fuel options include electric, natural gas, propane, and oil. The type of furnace used is determine by fuel availability and cost. Review variable speed options and annual fuel utilization efficiency.

Safety During Installation (00:47)

Wear the proper protective gear when performing furnace installation. Be aware of combustion and electrical hazards.

Remove the Existing Unit (01:45)

Safely disconnect the fuel and electrical supply to the home. Make sure the furnace is secure before disassembling. Inspect and test remaining components.

Install the New Furnace (00:55)

Plan where the connections will go. Measure for correct alignment of furnace and return.

Complete the Connections and Test (03:51)

Reconnect the fuel line. Ensure there are no gas leaks. Complete the furnace electrical system. Install the digital thermostat. Install the combustion air vent and exhaust system.

Testing and Homeowner Training (00:00)

Run the furnace through a heating cycle. Use a combustion analyzer to test how the furnace is running. Teach homeowners how to use the system for efficiency.

Credits: Upgrading a Forced Air Furnace: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects (01:25)

Credits: Upgrading a Forced Air Furnace: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects

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Upgrading a Forced Air Furnace: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects

Part of the Series : Residential Energy Efficiency Projects
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Because heating and cooling utilizes the most energy in a home, one of the best decisions a homeowner can make to improve efficiency and lower bills is to upgrade these systems. This program lets viewers know how to install a new residential forced air furnace, with segments on disconnecting and removing the existing unit, inspecting and testing components, and details of the actual installation—all with an eye toward safety. Information is also given on putting in a digital thermostat, adding a humidifier and HEPA filter, and testing the entire system once it’s complete. Smart tips are offered throughout, and the video closes with suggestions for homeowner training. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Shopware Production. A part of the series Residential Energy Efficiency Projects. (14 minutes)

Length: 15 minutes

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