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Getting Started (01:59)


First evaluate the side by using a solar pathfinder to determine if shading is a problem. Once true south has been determined, look at latitude and roof slope to determine the optimal tilt and position of panels.

Solar Electric Equipment (01:14)

A photovoltaic electric system contains a mechanical component and electrical system.

Setting Up a Safe Job Site (00:56)

Follow corresponding OSHA safety regulations when installing solar panels on a roof. Secure all tools when not in used. Observe proper ladder safety.

Installing the Rack (01:54)

Find the roof rafters to secure anchors. An infrared camera can be used for confirmation. Mark anchor quantity and placement using a chalk line. Stagger mounts on roof to distribute load.

Installing Solar Panels and Wiring (03:16)

First plan for circuits and junction boxes. Connect micro converters to the system before installing modules. Install the grounding system. Verify spacing requirements before installation.

Testing the System (01:05)

Check that all non current-carrying metal parts are properly connected to the grounding system. Verify that all combiner fuses are removed. Follow Inverter manufacturer start up procedures.

Homeowner Training (00:58)

Review proper operation and maintenance of the solar electric system with the homeowner.

Credits: Installing a Solar Electric System: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects (00:17)

Credits: Installing a Solar Electric System: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects

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Installing a Solar Electric System: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects

Part of the Series : Residential Energy Efficiency Projects
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Solar electricity is a top choice for providing clean energy, and thanks to lower prices in getting a system up and running, consumer demand for this alternative keeps rising. This program explains exactly how to install a solar electric system, with segments on determining where to place the panels or modules; proper installation of both the mechanical and electrical components; testing the system, including grounding and voltage; and what to review with the homeowner in terms of the system’s operation and maintenance. The video also advises on OSHA safety regulations for rooftop and electrical work, and offers smart building tips to increase the system’s efficiency. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Shopware Production. A part of the series Residential Energy Efficiency Projects. (12 minutes)  

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