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What is a Home Energy Audit? (01:22)


A home energy audit is conducted to determine the rate of energy consumption in a home. It will also determine areas of a home that need improvement. Auditors have a unique set of skills.

Evaluate the Building Envelope (02:35)

This is the first step in a home energy audit. The building envelope includes the thermal envelope and air barrier. R-value, u-factor, and solar heat gain coefficient are measured in this step.

Ceiling and Attic Properties (02:31)

This is a continuation of evaluating the building envelope. Gaps in insulation account for energy loss and condensation damage. The Pythagorean Theorem is used to measure ceiling slope.

Basement Inspection (01:34)

This is the last step of evaluating the building envelope. Bypasses can cause energy loss. More energy loss occurs with larger slab perimeters.

Testing the Thermal Envelope and Air Barrier (01:58)

Steps include visual inspection, blower door test to determine how much air is going through a home, and infrared camera test.

Evaluating the Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation Systems (03:55)

Identify equipment and record nameplate efficiency. Measure combustion efficiency and check for hazardous gasses. Note the seasonal energy efficiency ratio.

Evaluating Other Appliances (01:31)

The water heater should be inspected for efficiency. Electric appliances and plumbing fixtures should also be checked.

Finding and Improvements (02:29)

A maintenance list is important for homeowners to understand which parts of a home could use improvement and upgrades. Increasing insulation values can boost energy efficiency.

Homeowner Education (00:60)

The best way to keep the home system active and performing efficiently is to ensure the homeowner knows how to properly maintain equipment.

Credits: Conducting a Home Energy Audit: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects (00:18)

Credits: Conducting a Home Energy Audit: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects

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Conducting a Home Energy Audit: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects

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A professional energy audit is essential to transforming an older residence into a fuel-efficient home. The procedure lets homeowners know how quickly they are consuming energy and which parts of the dwelling need improvement to keep utility costs down. This program covers the step-by-step process of performing a home energy audit and gives details about the specific techniques and tools needed for the job. From assessing the building envelope to inspecting HVAC/R systems and major appliances, then making recommendations for the most commonly-needed improvements, the video informs viewers while providing helpful tips along the way. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Shopware Production. A part of the series Residential Energy Efficiency Projects. (20 minutes)  

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