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Evan Rachel Wood: Insider Support (04:15)


Dan Cleary writes a public email supporting Wood’s accusations that Marilyn Manson abused her and other women. They reconnect at a survivors meeting on October 21, 2020.

Marilyn Manson: Sudden Reversion (05:19)

After Wood and Manson’s relationship became public, Wood gained a reputation as homewrecker; Manson began isolating and monitoring her. Wood explains that after Twiggy Ramirez rejoined the band, Manson became angrier and more violent .

Survivors Meeting (04:38)

Manson’s ex-girlfriends discuss the violence, rape, and physical abuse they endured; many describe scarification. All recall Manson's racism and celebration of Nazis.

Evan Rachel Wood: Torture (09:52)

Wood moved in with Manson. He tortured her with sleep deprivation, starvation, and rape. Wood fled to her father’s home but returned to Glencoe when Manson began cutting himself and threatening suicide.

"Kneeler" and Pregnancy (10:22)

Wood shares her experiences of physical and sexual abuse at the survivors meeting. She discusses disassociation and her brain going into survival mode. Wood recalls feeling suicidal after getting an abortion.

Evan Rachel Wood: Departure from Manson (08:20)

Wood describes attempting suicide and her mother checking her into a mental health facility. While filming “Ides of March,” Wood understands Manson's manipulation tactics and decides never to return to the relationship.

Evan Rachel Wood: PTSD (04:38)

Wood explains reuniting with Jamie Bell two months after splitting with Manson. The couple marries and has a child, but Wood's trauma prevents her from trusting Bell; it is hard for her to be intimate and feel safe.

Evan Rachel Wood: Fallout (09:11)

In Fall 2020, Manson releases an album and publicly denies abusing Wood; his fans threaten her online. Other abuse survivors contact law enforcement, and they begin an investigation. Wood, her son, and her brother move to an undisclosed location to avoid harassment and violence.

Building a Case Against Marilyn Manson (06:14)

Wood and Illma Gore gather evidence of Manson’s abuse for law enforcement review. Crewmembers present on set during Manson's “Heart Shaped Glasses” video confirm her accusations. In December, Wood and her son celebrate Hanukah; thinking Manson would have already been arrested.

Evan Rachel Wood: Victim's Voice (05:24)

The FBI hears Wood's testimony regarding Manson’s abuse; she hopes it is enough to immediately arrest him. Officials assure Wood they are moving as quickly as possible but make no guarantees.

Evan Rachel Wood: Abuser Identification (10:56)

Six months after the start of the investigation, Wood posts a public statement naming Brian Warner, known as Marilyn Manson, as her abuser. She stands with his other victims in hope of preventing further violence.

Credits: Part 2: Stand Up (02:27)

Credits: Part 2: Stand Up

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As more witnesses speak out about Marilyn Manson's actions, Evan Rachel Wood continues to share her story in hopes of helping fellow survivors. Then, investigators meet with Wood as she prepares to publicly name Manson for the first time.

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