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Michael Brown Jr.'s Death (12:39)


Brown was 18 and unarmed when he was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. Instantly, conflicting reports of what happened appeared; Brown's friend said they were just walking when police approached. Brown was shot six times.

Protest Day 1 (07:09)

Protests began in Ferguson the day after Brown was killed. His body was on the street for four and a half hours. Many people felt drawn to protest for the first time and the police responded with riot gear and tear gas.

Protest Day 2 (04:34)

Ferguson resident's frustration with the police led to a second night of protests and protests began in other cities. The police declared it a riot and responded with violence.

Protest Day 6 (06:15)

The Ferguson Police Department released information that Darren Wilson was the shooter and surveillance footage of Brown allegedly robbing a convenience store. Anger increased as the police tried to use the robbery as justification for the shooting.

Protest Day 16 (15:05)

Daytime protests stopped for Brown's funeral in St. Louis. Daily fear of the police and racism are common in Missouri. An attorney general's report found that the Ferguson Police Department targeted black residents.

Protest Day 107 (18:51)

The grand jury decided not to proceed with charges against Wilson. The crowd became angry and police responded with violence, sparking a riot. Brown's father wished the protestors would have used a different method but was not mad about the fires or destruction.

Protest Day 365 (14:33)

A series of events were planned for the one-year anniversary of Brown's death. His father founded Chosen for Change, a support group for families of those who had a loved one killed by the police. Many activists felt like Brown's death was a waking moment.

Credits: Ferguson Rises (02:13)

Credits: Ferguson Rises

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How does a father find purpose in his pain? In 2014, Michael Brown Sr.’s son was killed by white police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, an event that fueled the global Black Lives Matter movement. But his personal story seeking justice and healing has not been told until now.

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