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Power of Big Oil: Part Two: Doubt (03:25)


Exxon and other companies had strong opposition campaigns. The government struggled to pass any climate policies.

Carbon Cap (08:47)

During his campaign, President George W. Bush promised to put a cap on carbon. Influenced by oil companies and lobbyists, Bush reversed his views, saying the science was uncertain and it would hurt the economy. EPA Administrator Christie Todd Whitman resigned.

ExxonMobil (06:39)

Exxon and Mobil merged to become the largest oil and gas company in the world. It's CEO, Lee Raymond, was a friend and former work associate of Vice President Dick Cheney. ExxonMobil was leading the misinformation campaign against climate change.

U.S. Climate Assessment (03:56)

The first assessment under the Bush Administration showed that CO2 in the atmosphere was causing climate change. ExxonMobil called out scientists for being bias and within two years they were replaced or retired.

ExxonMobil Advertorials (03:00)

Raymond says climate change has occurred for millions of years. Exxon commonly used advertisements to spread the idea that climate science was uncertain. ExxonMobil denied misleading the public about climate change.

Consequences of Climate Change (05:10)

As signs of climate change became easier to see, some oil and gas industry allies doubted their support. "An Inconvenient Truth" raised public awareness about climate change. Bush acknowledge humans caused climate change but created no polices.

Politics of Climate Change (06:13)

In 2007, there was a bipartisan effort to do something about climate change. The idea of a carbon cap returned and a cap-and-trade bill to reduce carbon emissions was created. Both of the 2008 presidential candidates supported it.

Cap and Trade Bill (08:46)

The bill narrowly passed in the House of Representatives. Koch Industries led the campaign to ensure the bill did not pass in the Senate.

Climate Deniers (05:52)

With the cap-and-trade bill dead, Koch Industries focused its efforts on getting Republicans who supported climate change out of office. Koch began funding climate deniers in primary elections. The winners signed pledges to not support any climate policy.

Credits: "The Power of Big Oil: Episode 2" (00:60)

Credits: "The Power of Big Oil: Episode 2"

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The Power of Big Oil: Episode 2

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The fossil fuel industry’s history of casting doubt and delaying action on climate change. Part two of a three-part series tracing decades of casting doubt on the science, missed opportunities and the ongoing attempts to hold Big Oil to account.

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