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Introduction: Determined: Fighting Alzheimer's (02:58)


Women in this video are at risk of developing Alzheimer's; they join a study on the disease. Approximately 50 million people live with Alzheimer's or other dementias.

Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer's Prevention (02:12)

The WRAP study follows adult children of people with Alzheimer's in hopes of preventing dementia. Amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles appear in the brain in our 50s and 60s and eventually become toxic.

Rosalie and Karen (04:13)

Despite a family history, Rosalie did not think she would get Alzheimer's. Her daughter Karen describes Rosalie before the disease and her decline. Xavier discusses his grandmother's death. Karen joins WRAP; she does not like the cognitive tests.

Hilde, Sigrid, and David (05:58)

Sigrid describes her mother before and after the onset of Alzheimer's. People can have normal cognitive function in the early stages. Doctors seek to map early changes, focusing on two proteins; Sigrid undergoes testing. Sigrid's husband David joins the WRAP control group.

Irene and Family (03:04)

Irene is in the late stages of Alzheimer's; her husband Doren recently brought her home from a nursing facility. The family discusses taking care of Irene.

Challenges and WRAP (04:22)

Karen reflects on the lack of support she received while taking care of her mother. Xavier is expelled from school. Sigrid and Karen undergo cognitive testing.

WRAP Applicants (04:22)

African Americans are twice as likely to develop dementia. Gina Green-Harris promotes Alzheimer's education and seeks study volunteers. She reflects on reaching the black community and the effects of Tuskegee.

Cognitive Results (02:30)

Sigrid worries about her results, but experts do not see any signs of early Alzheimer's. Depression, low mood, stress, and anxiety affect memory; Sigrid increases her exercise.

WRAP Community Advisory Board (03:35)

Xavier starts his junior year at a new school; Karen joins the advisory board. Green-Harris believes there will be an intervention and wants to ensure the study encompasses African Americans. Experts review data and Dr. Ozioma Okonkwo suggests additional sets of tests.

Physical Fitness and Cognition (03:30)

Participants undergo exercise testing; physical inactivity is a modifiable risk factor for later-life cognitive changes. Karen volunteers with the Amazing Grace Chorus, consisting of people with dementia and their caregivers.

Irene's Passing (04:15)

Family spends time with Irene at her home before her death; her daughters are part of the WRAP study. Doren brings Irene's ashes home and looks through photographs. The family holds a memorial service; they donate Irene’s brain to the study.

WRAP Participants and Data (04:10)

Xavier participates more in class. Irene's family receives an autopsy report. Sigrid and David exercise at the gym. Experts review WRAP data and share their findings at a conference.

Eliminating Amyloids (03:39)

Sigrid undergoes evaluation for participation in a clinical drug trial; trial results will help the WRAP study. Sigrid receives the evaluation results.

Alzheimer's Research (03:10)

Irene's family gathers for a reunion. Xavier graduates from Nova Tech; he and Karen are proud of each other. Tens of thousands of people participate in disease research. Sigrid, Karen, and Barb remain in WRAP.

Credits: Determined: Fighting Alzheimer's (01:06)

Credits: Determined: Fighting Alzheimer's

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Three women at risk of developing Alzheimer’s join a groundbreaking study to try to prevent the disease. The major study tracks the health and memory of thousands of people over many years, as researchers hunt for lifestyle changes and medicines that could improve all our chances and ultimately protect the brain and body from one of the world’s deadliest diseases.

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