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Introduction: Why do I Put on Weight? (01:16)


In this video, experts are going to examine the biology of a select group of people to determine why they put on weight.

Food Fixation (06:06)

Jade, Mica, Shaun, Tina, and Tim struggle with their weight. An experiment determines which volunteers may find it harder to resist temptations because of their genes. Dr. Giles Yeo reveals how many times they looked at food and what types.

DNA Testing (05:59)

Genes can influence one's body weight. Yeo reveals Tim and Mica's results and explains what they mean in terms of their relationship with food. Nutritionist Sophie Medlin suggests Tim and Mica try intermittent fasting; learn their starting weights.

Gut Hormone Testing (06:17)

Tim and Mica participate in intermittent fasting to lose weight. Fullness influences the quantity and regularity of eating. Testing reveals that Shaun eats the most; a hormone diet would be beneficial.

Gut Hormone Production (03:32)

Eating foods that release nutrients slowly and are hard for the body to digest helps one feel fuller longer. Experts explain digestion and fiber. Learn Shaun's starting weight.

Overeating and Emotions (08:39)

Learn how Shaun and Tim are doing with their diets. Approximately 20% of people overeat for psychological reasons. Stress testing reveals that Jade and Tina are emotional eaters.

Psychology and Dieting (03:54)

Jade and Tina follow a diet of healthy choices and undergo cognitive behavioral therapy to change their relationship with food. Learn Tina and Jade's starting weight.

Diet Changes (05:16)

Tina and Jade undergo CBT to help change their eating habits; Tina struggles. Shaun's high fiber diet has changed his gut hormone levels. Mica and Tim reflect on their dietary changes.

Weight Loss Results (04:32)

The volunteers are nervous about stepping on the scale. Tim and Mica have lost five pounds. Shaun has gained. 0.2 pounds. Jade and Tina have lost nine pounds. Experts offer advice to viewers.

Credits: Why do I Put on Weight? (00:30)

Credits: Why do I Put on Weight?

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Your skinny best friend seems to eat twice as much as you, but you're still overweight. Why? For decades, experts thought they had the answer: too many calories and not enough exercise. The latest scientific research is turning those assumptions on their head. Differences in our individual biology - our genetics, hormones or psychology - all play a crucial role. Now, five volunteers are going on diets tailored to their bodies and brains. They're just like you - normal people who spend their lives going up and down in weight. Combining rock-solid science with engaging personal stories, this experiment will revolutionise how we think about diet. Think long-term weight loss is impossible? Think again.

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