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The United Nations Is Obsolete: A Debate

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Founded in 1945 amid the wreckage of World War II (1939–45), the United Nations is an international organization consisting of 193 states dedicated to maintaining world peace and promoting global cooperation. After three-quarters of a century, however, some critics argue that the United Nations is outdated, a relic of a bygone era. Wars continue to wrack the planet, and the organization, they charge, has proven ineffective in preventing them and resolving conflicts. They further charge that the world body is bloated, rife with corruption, and lacking in accountability. Supporters of the United Nations defend its record, citing as evidence its efforts to promote peace and stability, its devotion to human rights, its addressing of climate change, its commitment to multilateralism, and its widespread delivery of humanitarian aid in crisis situations. Like any organization it has its shortcomings, they acknowledge, but its achievements are many and it remains vital and relevant in today's world. So, after 76 years, is the United Nations obsolete?

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