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First Order Partial Derivatives of a Function (01:41)


The chain rule is used to find the first order partial derivatives of a function in terms or two variables. Take the derivative of each variable separately when taking the derivative of a multivariable function.

Constructing Partial Derivatives (02:54)

We can take the partial derivative of a function with respect to a particular variable by treating all other variables as constants. In the context of derivatives, a "constant" is a value that does not change as the function changes.

Finding the Partial Derivative of the Function (01:51)

The presenter addresses the different types of derivatives when solving for a partial function.

Finding the Value of a Partial Derivative (00:31)

To evaluate a partial derivative at a particular point, plug in the point's coordinates for x and y in the equation for the partial derivative.

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Partial derivatives in two variables

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This video tutorial works through math problems/equations that address topics in Calculus 3, Partial Derivatives. This specific tutorial addresses Partial derivatives in two variables.

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