Segments in this Video

Type of Equipment/Components (02:55)


A resource guide and wiring diagrams are available to accompany the program. Learn the specific type of equipment needing the troubleshooting. Customers provide a description of the problem with the equipment. Includes questions to consider when troubleshooting.

Normal Operation Equipment (02:48)

Fill in information on the history of previous repairs to the equipment. Take note of the symptoms you observe when you evaluate the situation of the equipment problem. Identify the sequence of operation when the equipment is working properly. Includes questions to consider when troubleshooting.

Manufacturer's Information (04:01)

To begin the troubleshooting process, review all the information available from the manufacturer. A schematic diagram accompanies this discussion. Learn the importance of the capacitors. A legend facilitates interpretation of the schematic.

Single Pole Contact (04:11)

The single pole contact is easily identified on the motor starter equipment that appeared earlier on the schematic. Learn how to set up test equipment for testing run capacitor speed.

Failed Capacitor (01:28)

Test equipment reveals that a faulty capacitor has shorted. Learn how to place leads on a dual capacitor.

Types of Capacitors (01:49)

Learn to differentiate between start capacitors and run capacitors, using a trainer board for visual understanding of the discussion.

Troubleshooting the Compressor (01:53)

As troubleshooting continues, learn about testing the compressor to determine if it is the specific problem in the heat pump.

Equipment Operation (04:01)

Learn the proper operation of the equipment. In this case, the diagram shows what is happening in the off cycle of a piece of equipment. Learn about trickle circuit and crankcase heat.

Equipment Inspection (03:24)

In further troubleshooting this particular situation, discover that when the equipment was inspected, the technician modified the compressor incorrectly. This discovery leads to two important questions to find out what error the previous technician committed, and what is necessary to correct the error.

Credits: A Heat Pump That Won’t Cool: Heat Pump Troubleshooting (00:23)

Credits: A Heat Pump That Won’t Cool: Heat Pump Troubleshooting

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A Heat Pump That Won’t Cool: Heat Pump Troubleshooting

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When a split system heat pump won’t put out cool air, there may be several different reasons why. What will it take to find and fix the problem? Presented by Jim Johnson, an experienced trainer and HVAC/R electrical system repair expert, this video helps develop the troubleshooting know-how crucial to the job. A viewable/printable resource guide is available online and featured in the program to demonstrate the use of wiring diagrams. By following along with Jim as he performs the necessary diagram reading, viewers are able to identify all relevant components of the unit and isolate the malfunctioning part. A major part of this diagram-reading experience is establishing that the compressor is internally protected and that the diagram shows a single pole contact. In a detailed hands-on demo sequence, trainees learn how to use state-of-the-art tools and test equipment, including a digital multimeter for determining microfarad rating in run capacitors. A part of the series Heat Pump Troubleshooting. (28 minutes)

Length: 29 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-61753-935-0

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