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Nutrition Education Specialist: Main Duties And Responsibilities (01:43)


A community nutrition educator is someone who works in dietetics. They study nutrition education at a university, but there are no specific certifications for community nutrition education. To be successful in this field, they need to be passionate about food and nutrition, while being driven and creative. They often create their own program.

Nutritionists: Education And Certification Requirements (01:28)

There is no specific certification for community nutrition education, but dieticians have the most education in this field. Typically, a dietician has an undergraduate degree, followed by a master's degree in dietetics. They then sit for the registered dietician examination. You could complete continuing education units (CEU) each year or specialize in a field such as sports nutrition, pediatrics, geriatrics, or nutrition support.

Advice For Aspiring Community Nutritionists (02:35)

Community nutritionists and educators teach people about food and nutrition. They work with all age groups, preparing food for their lessons. Educating children occurs during school time, whereas educating adults could occur during daytime or evening hours. They need to be creative and passionate and possess time management skills. They also need good public speaking skills.

Dietitians: Industry Goals And Services (03:34)

A dietitian is a health professional who helps people make good food choices. They understand how food affects the body. , Community educators can teach healthy recipes using food bank ingredients, combining them with shelf ingredients, and demo the prepared food right there at the food bank. The dietary guidelines, along with the science, change every few years, altering how dieticians advise their patients. It is expected that this field will still be relevant many years from now.

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