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Leadership (01:19)


Safety in the workplace starts with leadership. Leaders influence workplace culture by setting expectations, building structure, coaching others, and rewarding good behavior. Senior management and frontline team and individual leaders should be involved in health and safety.

Individual Leader (04:49)

Individual leaders can be anyone within the organization at any level. Safety leaders should focus on health and safety standards, risk management, communication, and engagement.

Frontline Team (03:32)

Frontline team leaders have their own health and safety responsibilities in addition to the roles of individual leaders. Team leaders must lead by example and support the team when it comes to health and safety.

Senior Management (01:32)

Senior management should listen to the risks and hazardous identified by frontline team leaders. A positive attitude is the best method for senior management.

Credits: Building a Safety Culture Through Leadership (00:10)

Credits: Building a Safety Culture Through Leadership

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Building a Safety Culture Through Leadership

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A culture of safety starts with leadership, because leadership drives culture and culture drives behaviour. Leaders influence culture by setting expectations, building structure, coaching others and recognising and rewarding good behaviour. This ‘Building a Safety Culture Through Leadership’ training video explores • Why and how everyone in the organisation can become a safety leader. •The importance of frontline team leaders and individual leaders • The 4 key areas you should focus on to become a safety leader; Health and Safety standards, Risk Management, Communication and Engagement • The specific KPIs for both team and individual leaders within each of those 4 areas • Tips for delivering regular feedback and recognition

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