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Increase of Remote Work (01:18)


The COVID-19 outbreak showed how working from home could be beneficial for employees and employers. Managers and supervisors have had to adjust to having remote team members.

The Advantages (02:17)

Having remote workers leads to a wider recruitment pool, increased productivity, and fewer sick days. Remote workers save time and money by avoiding a commute.

The Challenges (03:15)

Remote workers can feel isolated or spend more time in a stressful home environment. Weekly planning and making days feel different can help decrease burnout. Remote workers can have reduced levels of engagement with coworkers.

Keep in Touch (05:12)

Managers can accidentally withhold information from remote workers. Having regularly scheduled one-on-one check-ins can increase communication. Video conferencing allows for nonverbal communication.

Goal Setting (01:43)

Expectations on behavior and performance should be clear. Having short-term and long-term goals can help workers understand expectations.

Credits: 0Managing Remote Workers (00:08)

Credits: Managing Remote Workers

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Managing Remote Workers

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It has been estimated that by 2028, 73% of teams in the workplace will have members working from home. Whilst there are obvious advantages that remote work provides to both the organisation and the employee, it does present certain challenges to the manager. After watching this training video, your managers should be able to: • Emulate many of the advantages that onsite workers enjoy for the remote worker • Identify a range of communication techniques to fully engage the remote worker • Set goals effectively with your remote workers

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