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Remote Work (01:04)


It is estimated that by 2028, 73% of workplace teams will have members working from home. Employers have put trust in employees to retain productivity levels at homes.

The Basics (02:09)

Setting a schedule and sticking to it is important to avoid procrastination. Scheduling tasks to make the days feel different can help with burnout.

Working Around Others (02:02)

Ground rules must be set for family and friends, establishing that a remote worker cannot be distracted during work hours. Remote workers must have the same level of focus as office workers.

Managing Your Time (02:35)

Making a to-do list and prioritizing tasks is good for time management. The Promodoro Technique allows for 25 minutes of focusing, followed by a five-minute break.

Your Work Space (03:15)

Having a dedicated workspace away from the living area can increase productivity. Delineating between work and leisure time is important. Keep ergonomics in mind when designing a workspace.

Keeping in Touch (01:22)

Having regular meetings and calls is important for communication on remote teams. Be sure to share hindrances to remote work.

Credits: Working Remotely (00:07)

Credits: Working Remotely

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Working Remotely

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This training program is chock full of tips on how to maximise enjoyment and productivity whilst working remotely including fantastic sections on ergonomics and avoiding distractions in the home. By watching this training video, you will learn: • The importance of setting schedules • How to resist burn-out • Suggestions for working around others • Time management techniques • How to set up a dedicated work space • The importance of communication

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