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Introduction: Cognitive Therapy (12:36)


One's perception controls one's emotional and behavioral responses. Dr. Aaron Beck discusses physiological responses to anxiety and depression, collaborative empiricism, guided discovery, and cognitive techniques. Today's case has a large component of social anxiety.

Procrastination (04:55)

Mark will sometimes procrastinate for years to avoid uncomfortable situations. He worries about what other people will think and fears he will not be liked; he provides examples from his work life.

Anxiety (05:31)

Anxiety sometimes leads to avoidance. Mark reflects on his physiological response to anxiety and what it implies. Beck helps Mark examine his fears and determine whether they are reasonable.

Disapproval (09:43)

Beck guides Mark through work and social scenarios. They discuss Mark's fear of getting yelled at, fear of other people's perceptions, worst case scenarios, and Mark's responses.

Self-Criticism (09:54)

Mark describes his negative self-talk and how it makes him feel. He would not criticize others the way he criticizes himself. Beck guides Mark through an exercise to determine the legitimacy of his self-talk and provides management suggestions.

Credits: Anxiety: Cognitive Therapy With Dr. Aaron T. Beck (00:25)

Credits: Anxiety: Cognitive Therapy With Dr. Aaron T. Beck

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Anxiety: Cognitive Therapy With Dr. Aaron T. Beck

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In this program, famed psychologists and founder of cognitive therapy Dr. Aaron Beck describes his theory of cognitive therapy and outlines his approach for the assessment and treatment of social anxiety. Using charts and outlines, he explains such elements of his theory and approach as the vicious cycle of the psychosocial threat, the typical sequence in public exposure situations, the steps of formulating a case, and the techniques of cognitive therapy. Beck then demonstrates how his theory is applied in a therapeutic approach with "Mark," whose problems with procrastination stem primarily from his fear of being evaluated by others.

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